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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So... my favorite holiday is here. Where we celebrate the wonderful native Indians helping the pilgrims survive here in America, then the pilgrims' descendants paid them back by taking their land and killing most of them. The Pilgrims came to America to escape religious persecution in England and ended up committing ethnic persecution on the Indians.

The thing that amuse me the most about thanksgiving is how African (from my experience) families celebrate it. It just becomes another excuse for a You know we dont care about the indians or pilgrims or whomever started this holiday; it is to congregate, gist, and eat we care about. And i dont even know how we incorporate dancing into it, but we do. Maybe we are dancing to be thankful of what God has done. Of all the thanksgiving dinners i have gone to, we have never gone accross the table to say why we are thankful. I doubt half of the African parents know about the origin of Thanksgiving. We prolly think it is the same thanksgiving we do in church every month. You know what i am talking about, the sunday church service that is especially long, with people dressed especially good, and dancing especially too much. The sunday i found it hardest to get good sleep in church because of all the commotion. Maybe it was just my

Anyways, for those celebrating it, remember the reason for the season, all those Indians who got their lands taken as a thank you from saving the pilgrims from starvation. So as you stuff your face with turkey or deplete your bank accounts on friday; a group of Native Americans will make their annual pilgrimage to Plymouth Rock to mourn and fast for all they have lost. Like Nas said on his song What Goes around "They call it it Thanksgiving, I call your holiday hellday".

Happy Thanksgiving!!! NOT!!!


El Divine said...

first! happy thanksgiving!!
lol let the Indians do what they will, I shall be thankful today.
with a fat turkey oiled up and ready,
what else do you want me to say.

2cute4u said...

I had a huge laugh reading this..
Was kinda a funny post..
That said, the message was passed.
Happy Thanksgiving..

Vanity said...

I shall be wearing black and mourning with the indians. I hate thanksgiving, A bunch of relatives asking me who my bf is and why I'm such a slut. BLAH!

Realist said...

lol El-Divine, enjoy o, this post wasnt to stop anyone from eating...

@2cute4u lol its hard for me to not add humor in everything i do... happy thanksgiving to you too.

@Vanity hahaha... that must be so frustrating

Ginger said...

Thanks for the new perspective on Thanksgiving...Americans have always been good at image branding you know!

Realist said...

@ Ginger
Your welcome

The Messiah said...

Wow didn't even know the history of Thanxgiving. That been said, I'm thankful for this blog.