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Saturday, October 16, 2010


"We would not let ourselves be burned to death for our opinions; We are not sure enough of them for that. But perhaps for the right to have our opinions and to change them."

When a person accuses you of being fake, that they know the 'Real Azazel' do they not assume that the Azazel they knew before was the real Azazel? My professor brought that up in class the other day, you see some people accuse somebody they've known of being or acting 'fake'. But who says that the person they are now, is not the real person ? And even if they've changed, is that not a human quality? The ability to change when you please?

She asked me whether I wanted to go to church with her on Sunday to a revelation seminar. I asked whether the seminar would be at a church and she said yes. She said she wanted me to attend because she had heard me say that I want Truth and that she was offering me the opportunity to find truth at the seminar. I then asked her, are you 100% sure that I will find truth at the seminar? She then replied and I quote " If you believe that the bible holds truth, then yes". See the problem with that response is that for me to find truth, I would first have to believe that the bible is 100% true.  That left me little wiggle room.

I do believe that some parts of the bible are true, some parts of the bible are lies and other parts are simply plagiarism. Now in her mind, she believes the bible is true 100% and to be honest I can't imagine how a human being full of reason can read the entire bible and approve the whole thing to be true. If indeed she believed the entire bible to be true, I would hope she would be satisfied with the way women are treated in the bible?

Got into a little spat with them folks at I am still of the opinion that they are a gossip site that has no substance whatsoever. In their defence, their website is not all about gossip, they have a business section to LOL. But seriously the fact that it's a gossip site run by grown men sort of makes me wonder about my dreams in life. Can you imagine if I had told my father that when I grow up I want to be CEO of a gossip site. Hmm na wa o.

Came across this quote that I wished to share with all my readers.

Let the child believe that he is always in control, though it is always you the teacher who really controls. There is no subjugation so perfect as that which keeps the appearance of freedom, for in that way one captures volition itself.
The poor baby, knowing nothing, able to do nothing, having learned nothing, is he not at your mercy? Can you not arrange everything in the world which surrounds him? Can you not influence him as you wish? His work, his play, his pleasures, his pains, are not all these in your hands and without his knowing? Doubtless he ought to do only what he wants: but he ought to want to do only what you want him to do; he ought not to take a step which you have not forseen; he ought not to open his mouth without your knowing what he will say


Realist said...

about the amebor thing. I heard through the grapevine that the reason you raised hell was because you wanted to write for them. Then i remembered u tweeting you were now going to write for them. This left me confused, how could you bring yourself to be part of something you thoroughly condemned saying that "it does more evil than good" But alas i didnt think it was important enough to bring up as i am sure you had your reasons. But since you posted it here, i feel the urge to ask. What is your rationale for wanting to write for a website that you unequivocally denounced? And was the whole "spat" just a way to get attention from them so that you can write for them. It seems hypocritical to me. This not a dis just a question.

As per the other stuff... there is only one constant in life... that is change. But even though i can not really articulate my point, i feel there are different types of change. There are the necessary changes that make you better and the ones that change your essence. There are times people change but they still remain the same (i think y'all understand what i mean lol.) Acting Brand new to people or forgetting those who have helped you are the kind of changes i see as changing your "essence".

My two cents

Azazel said...

Lol but I don't want to write for them, neither do I ever intend to @ Realist.

Realist said...

lol k... thought as much

Nutty J. said...

The quote at the end...I love it

But I want to know what it's in relation to? Are you relating it to the bible and how its got its believers doing what they want but within the confines of its dictates?

ie // Doubtless he ought to do only what he wants: but he ought to want to do only what you want him to do;//

I'm curious...I wantto know what the quote is in relations to in the post you put up....

2cute4u said...

Except you believe that there is no God.In doing that, you believe that there is no 'right' or 'wrong'
But if you believe that there is a right way of doing things as there is a wrong, then please, explain yourself Azazel.

When you go in to write an exam, you believe in yourself that you can and will emerge successful at the end.
I'm also sure you believe in respect.

I wish I could see you and talk to you cause I hate typing but this thing is;

Do you believe in the spirit of God?
If so then there is a God.
You cannot take what you what you want from the bible and discard the rest.
You would love some and be not happy with other but you have to accept ALL of the things contained in the bible.
The bible was written by men, men filled with the spirit of God and who under the direction of God wrote what He wants and what had ,is,will happened/happening/happen.
What's wrong in giving you directions? It's all about the choices we still make.. It hasn't and will never be by force..

Then the last part of your post about the baby/child, can be true, but not for long.. It has always, been about CHOICE. All you can do is just show what is right and wrong.Soon the baby starts to reason and learn to make choices for him/herself as you, Azazel are.

Well..Lemme stop here, for now.

Azazel said...

Nutty J
Lol it has nothing to do with the post, it was just something that was appealed to me

The Messiah said...

I absolutely concur with you first paragraph. I've realized that to survive in this world one must be fake. Young Jeezy once rapped, "The realest niggas either dead or in jail." Dave Chapelle had skits that proved the same point (the "Where keeping it real goes wrong").

Chic asks you "does this make me look fat," answering the truth would get you no play for a month, but bullshitting can get you a blowjob in seconds. And about change, if someone tells you they never change it also means they never progress.

... a teen. said...

Hmm - mmm.
Well, I don't have anything to say here. :P
But about the Bible, people sometimes take it as a way of life. As in, culture. That Yes! You must do what the Bible says. Yes! The Bible is your sense of direction.
I think the Bible is there to tell us what to do but being human, we have the choice to make. Do I go with the Bible or not? If I go with the Bible, what happens at the end? If I don't go with the Bible, what happens at the end?
Stuff like that. Not that you will now make the Bible your daily planner.
I mean, yeah, you get some really good stuff from it but sometimes, some things are just preposterous. -_-
No blasphemy or nothing.

Tarzye said...

PLAGIARISM?? REALLY?? THE BIBLE???? Oh please do blog about the parts of the bible that are plagiarised... I'd absolutely love to read that. Don't forget to get your facts right yh??? it's pointless arguing about the authencity of the Bible... the Bible doesn't even state truth or lies.. it states facts.. and no matter how you put it.. Unless you state more convincing facts.. sorry but the bible is true. You didn't even state anyfacts in this specific blog sef.. This specific post reminds me of a bunch of people that "PROVED" that Jesus is just a merge of all other gods from other cultures.... damn.. now that is absolute balls, but pls let me not go off topic.. you were saying something about part of the bible being Plagiarised???? :s