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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So I and my friend were chilling watching Fox News and the controversy about an islamic center being built on a land owned by Muslims in Tennessee came up. This community center is different from the one in New York incase some of you were wondering. And also, some of you might be wondering what is up with Islamic community centers being built everywhere this days? Am wondering the same to LOL I kid I kid. 

Anywayz, my friend then said something like "You would never see christians saying they want to kill for their religion or die for their religion" and to which I replied "because their religion is not worth dying for". 

Now before we go on with every other thing pertaining to this blog post, I want to ask whether the religion each and every single one of you practices is worth dying for? If yes, Why is it worth dying for?

Somepeople then said it was because 'Jesus already died for the sins of christians" but Allah seems to prefer that 'muslims die for their own sins".. That elicited a huge LOL from me...


El Divine said...

Yes it is. Cos deep down in me, i recognise that you only live for things you can die for. I live for myself, my family, and my God. And if its boils down to a choice, I can die for any of them.

Azazel said...

Lol so you would die for your religion which is christianity?

U do realise that a thing is not necessarily true just because you die for it?

El Divine said...

i realise that. btw, christianity to me is not an 'IT'. 'IT' is what the world calls christianity, the billion plus ppl who go to church.
i would die for a person, before an idea. Jesus, before d religion dat came after him.

Enoch said...

I won't die for Amadioha, but I would regard any nigerian that does so a little less retarded than their fellow country men who would die for all them duty free imported gods.

iRep naija gods.

Vanity said...

LMFAO Enoch why do I not know you? I like you

Azazel said...

U would die for Jesus El Divine?
Jesus the man or Jesus the son of God?
U do realise that when he died for ur sins, he knew he would resurrect.
When you die for him, u no go Ressurect o..

Lol @ duty free imported gods..
Enoch my man, u always keep it interesting.

Realist said...

why?why? why would they want to build it in Tennessee of all places. I wonder where in Tennessee? Folks out here will shoot them with a shotgun. I fear for their

But yea... i really can not point to one thing or person i can die for. I think i mentioned something about me not dying for anything or anyone, in one of my first posts. I am not in a hurry to die.

... a teen. said...

I'm a Christian. Catholic Christian.
No, my religion is not worth dying for.
This is because I believe that ideally, religion shouldn't be a thing that should lead you to your death.
Sometimes, I feel like Religion doesn't physically exist. Well, it doesn't but I hope you get my point. It's just in our heads and then it takes different forms in expressing itself to us and generally, it was 'created' for positive reasons and not for deadly ideas so I for one am not going to die for religion.
Religion can die in me. x_x
Don't judge me, I wanted to sound like a poet.

Azazel said...

Lol but they bought the land Realist..
They can build whatever they want lol.

Lol @ teen..
Religion can die in you indeed

leggy said...'re last paragraph cracked me up so much.
i dont really know sha so no comment.

lahlah said...

It depends on whether on not you believe death is the ultimate sacrifice, .....or a walk in the park, I guess. If I had to, I would.

Rita said...

Amusing conversation *I say shaking my head*

Why die for "religion"?

Let me speak for the one I know. Christianity teaches a message of love and grace. It teaches to love not only our friends, but to love our enemies. It teaches forgiveness (so painful that I had to stand in front of the person who killed my father and tell myself 'I have forgiven him').

Having understood, tasted, and experienced the love and grace of God and knowing that 'He practices what He preaches', I would not go fighting and killing to send out the Good news, to make anyone believe what I believe, or in retaliation for a hurt. But if I face a situation where I am asked to choose between life and what I believe in, I definitely would not renounce my faith (to be living dead?).

LucidLilith said...

Okay... this post is really funny. Christians say Jesus already died for their sins and Muslims are required to die for their sins? Well, then...I guess I picked the right