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Sunday, February 7, 2010


As I am writing this I am so pissed, am trying to decide whether to write while am angry or wait till am calm before I write..But I shall write this now, because me no sure whether I go get time later. But mehn, as you all must have noticed I have been madly MIA no be small. And sad thing is that I can not even tell you what's pissing me off, because the people that are pissing me off read this blog as well. Irony much ehn? I started blogging so I could get away from those people, now my own blog has become my own prison. Ha lol, gotta love my life.  Btw did I tell you all that I interviewed Myne Whitman yesterday on one of the radio shows she appeared on, if you want to know which radio show I am referring to, head over to her blog. *smh @ my life lol, it's not like am fully anonymous o, yet I still have to maintain some level of anonymity.

Anywayz mehn since today is sunday please my people indulge me as you guys have been so used to doing. The bible was written by Jewish men abi? And the Koran was written by Arabs abi? Both the Jewish men and the Arab men claim that those two books are the 'word of God' right? Now who are we suppose to believe? Who has more credibility? An Arab man or a Jewish man? It is obvious that 2.5 billion people have decided that the Jewish man has more credibility than the Arab man, while 1.5 billion people have decided that the Arab man has more credibility than a Jewish man. 2.5 billion refers to the 2.5 billion christians, but am guessing it should be more like 2.9 billion if u include the people who practice Judaism abi? And the 1.5 billion refer to the 1.5 billion muslims. Now my people, you all might be wondering how come a black man is not one of the options ehn?   Do you not see that the one of the major reason why it is possible that most of these major religions have flourished is  their writers had the wisdom to put what ever nonsense they were writing down in a BOOK! So as you see, while the Arab man and the Jewish man were busy writing down stuff in books that would later bring both misery and joy(I say misery and joy because I like to be balanced, it is no doubt that the bible has definitely been used for 'some good' and if I am truly sincere in the pursuit of truth it behooves me to point this out as well) to generations after them, what was the black man busy doing? Busy killing 'twins', and throwing people into 'evil forests'.  I am not a self-hater of blacks o, but I mean it would have done us a whole lot of good if we had written about Oduduwa or Amadioha and had the common sense to put it inside a frigging BOOK!! Just saying..

Moving on, I am stealing this particular paragraph from MESSIAH he gave me the idea and this whole thing dumfounded me because I was really angry at myself that I had not spotted the thing first, as in this one was so good that I seriously considered flogging myself mercilessly. Here it goes sha, ' You guys remember the book of Exodus in the bible abi? Where Moses went up to Mount Sinai to go meet Oga God so that Oga God could give him some tablets and like ten fine and sexy commandments abi? Ok Moses spent some time in that mountain and while he was gone, the Israelites started to get restless/bored so they decided to have some fun. These people built a golden calf and they decided to 'worship' it, and they were sha playing with it and all that abi. Unbeknownst  to them, Oga God had already written down in the tablet that 'idol worship' was forbidden in the 3rd commandment. So after God had finished writing the ten commandments, old man moses started walking down back to his people. When he came upon them, he noticed that these useless vagabonds where worshipping wetin? U guessed right 'an Idol calf' and this went against the 4th commandment. So what did Old man Moses do? He commanded that the worshippers of the Idol be killed and put to DEATH. Moses na fool o, can you see how the idiot actually fall e own hand? He himself now come break the 6th commandment by committing murder.
Now the question is this, I am fully confident that most of the readers in this blog are fortunate enough to have an education abi? So here on earth abi, when we create a law or if a bill is passed that institutes a law. Do they punish the people who had broken the new law prior to when the law was created? Nope. Why? Because we have sense. Even when they passed laws banning driving while on the phone or driving while texting, did they go and arrest/prosecute everybody who had been driving on the phone/texting before the law had been passed? Nope. Why didn't they do that?Because again, we human beings have SENSE. One would expect our supposed heavenly father to have the same common sense and intellect that we possess seeing as it is alleged that we were made in his own 'image' unless of cause it is possible to be made in the same image of a person yet still get better sense pass your creator? It might be possible but who knows. Anywayz am sure you all get my point, why would God/Moses authorize that the idol worshippers be put to death?? How the fuck where they suppose to know that God had forbade them from Idol Worshipping? Dem sabi like psychic to God and Moses?

Humph, anywayz sha make I go sleep. I hope Arsenal whoop chelsea tomorrow morning abeg, that is all I frigging ask for. And with that, I am signing off, need to go do some studying.


nonny said...

I think the bible and the Quaran originated from a single source. Just like how Protestants broke away from Catholics. If you study these two documents, you cannot help but notice the similarities.

I think we should not be looking for who is more credible but rather how to bridge the gap.

nonny said...

P.S first to comment. yay. hehe

leggy said...

if you read about the creation in the quaran and the the

Anonymous said...

as black people we don''t force our ways unto others. We mind our busines, but other races can't mind theirs. Not all black were killing twins. Just because it was taken place in some communities in west Africa doesn't mean you should generalize to the rest of africa. Everybody way of life is different. Now that we have adopted the Arab and Jewish people religion, have that been beneficial to us? I believe more of us have been killed and died under this abrahamic religions than any beliefs some blacks were practicing before we were intoduce to them. See Nigerians killing themselves. The answer to who is more credible, you are not going to get an answer to that, so I don't know why you asked the question. It is a subjective question.

Azazel said...

Huh? Nonny they might have originated from the same source, but they definitely veered into something else..
Lol @ u talkin about bridgin the gap, una never bridge gap between the catholic bible and the protestant bible, it is the koran and the bible u wan come build bridge untop? Ha
Leggy I did not understand ur comment lol.
@ anon
Obviously it is a subjective question, but my hope was for people to see that it is quite impossible to say that one race has more credibility than the other race, because the onus would then be on you to provide evidence....

Enoch said...

Who is pissing Azazel off? Az point in his general direction that I might send him pain.

Wishing God has common sense is asking for too much. All I ask is that he reveals himself. If he insists on staying stupid, that's his biz.

As for Africans, writing and dominance of the idea battlefield, it's happening all over again. This time in science. A majority of what we hold as scientific truth is what the white man has told us not what we have discovered/tested for ourselves.

Nice post.

LucidLilith said...

lol at the whole idea of putting amadioha and oduduwa in a book.

btw- you can't inteprete the laws of then with the laws of now...the Isrealites knew they were not supposed to worship anyone but God. After all it was God who did all the hard work of getting them out of Egypt...why would he let a freaking golden calf take all the glory???

Sugarking said...

Na wa o! Azazel, these your posts can fear me sha, seriously!!! lol


@ "the Isrealites knew they were not supposed to worship anyone but God. After all it was God who did all the hard work of getting them out of Egypt...why would he let a freaking golden calf take all the glory???" This is what makes me wonder if God created man or man is creating God as our dear commenter lucidlilith is doing now ! how are they Israelites suppose to know that there God has a slight touch of madness n can kill u for something you don't even know that he does not like, what hard work did God do in the first place? except for the bible,its difficult to find other books that mention the exodus story the way it is in bible and this God must be a serious egotist, imagine killing hundreds or probably thousands of people to satisfy himself and prevent an ordinary golden calf to take the "glory" !

Azazel said...

Blasphemy thank u for responding to luci's post for me because as I was readin what she tyoed I honestly could not believe that a thinking human being had just typed that. Wow lily as in u are a mess, tell me lily how many israelites do u think could read? Or were literate? I am so dissappointed in thy post.

Azazel said...

Hahaha boss enoch I go send the person or persons come ur side.
Baba sugarking thank u o.

Aradi said...

Right... I seem to repeat myself over and over again.

First, the story of Moses. When Moses went up that mountain for 40 days, he left his brother Aaron to lead the people. The people were obviously too difficult for Aaron to control, and one of them (he's actually mentioned by name) built a calf for them to worship; old habits die hard. Now bear these couple of points in mind;

i. These were the same people that had suffered generations of torture under the Egyptian Pharoah. Moses liberated them.

ii. Moses had returned to free these people after ten years of a happy life in marriage of the daughter of the one he worked for (also said to be a prophet, the father).

iii. Moses did not put any of the worshippers to death, he merely banished the maker of the golden calf (goes by the name of Samaritan, I believe) as an outcast. When he returned and asked of what happened, Samaritan, in a foolish act of pride and delusional grandeur, actually admitted to making the calf because he could see what the others could not, and he had been 'guided' by his inner nature. In actuality, Samaritan had lied to the people that Moses himself worshipped a god such as the calf, but that he forgot.

iv. I can gather Qur'anic verses for you again, if you want to brush up on your history.

I advise you, Azazel, when next presenting a claim or a belief to lay bare the facts that you have first. Then I can fill in the gaps for you by actually pointing to the historical texts I refer to.

v. You believe in Moses?

Aradi said...

And regarding the Bible or the Qur'an. Bruthaman, please read the Qur'an one day. When I pass judgement on a matter, I ehave my own scientific methods of evaluation. Actually knowing about my subject matter is one of them.

I have also mentioned in another post that Jesus, Noah, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Isaac, Lot, John, Ishma'el, Abraham, Enoch, Job, Jonah, Elijah, Solomon and the many other prophets actually had the same message, but were corrupted at one point or the other. Muhammad presented the same message, but his message remains untainted. The Qur'an, Prophetic Traditions, and indeed other sources of knowledge in Islam go through so many methods and procedures to safeguard their purity that you would be amazed.

For example, a certain scholar, Imam Bukhari, who wrote about over a thousand Prophetic Traditions actually gathered approximately 600,000. His filtering methods were so stringent that only over a thousand made through. Each of them has isnads (chain of narrations) that trace only people with sound reputations, good memory and several other criteria until they reach the Prophet Muhammad.

Does it matter that God sent his message to a certain race of people? In fact, we believe there were many other prophets, unnamed, at certain time periods sent to certain people. Some got their message across, others got killed, others were shunned. Some muslims believe Buddha was one of these prophets, I personally don't know what to make of it.

I don't like how this is about race.

You also added the figure of the Jews in this world to that of the Christians as those who 'went with Jews(as if some people had a choice- read about the Crusades)' I find this odd, as the Jews do not believe in Jesus and actually study the Torah rather than the Bible. The Torah was revealed to Moses. You would find that what the Jews believe in rather differs from the Christian take on things. You can do your research.

Incidentally, the Qur'an mentioned four other holy books that were all credible at certain points but got changed and distorted over time; Injil (The Bible- Jesus), Tawrah (Torah- Moses), Zabbur (Psalms- David), and Suhfi Ibrahim (to Abraham).

Azazel said...

Lmao Aradi u are making the mistake of assuming that I know the Islamic version of what happened, and as I do not know the islamic version how can u expect me to know the Koranic version of what happened when I have not read it???

Note to self - Gotta read th Koran

As for whether I believe in Moses, I do not know

The Messiah said...

@ Aradi, Moses didn't kill the worshippers, he did something worse. He ordered them to break the 6th commandment by commanding them to kill their own. 3 thousand ppl died that very day. And that made God happy. Fucktastic Bullfuckerey!

And you have in your previous comments at other posts claimed that the Qu'ran has accurate scientific facts in it like the embryo reference you gave and so on. However, I did some research on the other scientific claims the Qu'ran makes that proves that they knew this by observation rather than divine revelation. So I'm going to need you to prove certain scientific claims that your Qu'ran makes, and I want you to be dead on specific about the exact verse:

The earth is round, flat, or the shape of an ostrich's eggs?

The sun revolves around the earth or the other way around?

And is the sky held up like a canopy and the stars like lantern?

Please make your answers ONLY according to scriptural references to prove that your Qu'ran is scientifically accurate

Azazel said...

Lol Messiah I would think so

Aradi said...

Azazel's first reply: Case. In. Point.

Messiah, we meet again.

First of all, I'm amazed y'all believe in Moses, but what my scripture says is that there was no killing over that incident, just the banishment of Samaritan. The story of Moses is the most detailed in the Qur'an actually, and in fact, Samaritan was said to have got the idea of making the calf in the first place from an idol-worshipping tribe they encountered.

Regarding your observation statement, I'm sorry but are you implying that Muhammad and his companions used observation to discover the expansion of the universe? And also the nature of an embryo? Or that living things are mostly composed of water? (humans included 70% of our cells are water, I believe)

I am seriously hoping your research actually included reading the book at some point and not just a trawl at some like websites. In my experience, several verses are taken out of context and some are even fabricated.

I'm not sure which verses you want me to produce to you, but yes the earth is round, it revolves around the sun (although the sun itself does move and also from our perspective, it rises from the east and sets in the west), and also the sky is held up above us based on some atmospheric phenomena and gravity. In that sense these phenomena and forces could be said to be our 'canopies'. The sun was referenced in the Qur'an as a ball of flame and the moon as a lamp, so claims that the Qur'an mentions stars as lanterns are not far-fetched.

I'm not sure about you but back when I was in Nigeria and I was out at night or at dawn when NEPA graciously took the light, I would sit outside and marvel at the full moon and the countless stars strewn across the sky, illuminating everywhere. In fact, they inspired some of my poetry. They were more beautiful than any other lantern.

My knowledge in the Qur'an is very limited; I can't directly quote verses about specific topics. But if you are more specific as to the kind of scientific you want, I can get them for you.

Azazel said...

@ 'm not sure about you but back when I was in Nigeria and I was out at night or at dawn when NEPA graciously took the light, I would sit outside and marvel at the full moon and the countless stars strewn across the sky, illuminating everywhere. In fact, they inspired some of my poetry. They were more beautiful than any other lantern

Lol I didn't understand this comment Aradi..
Moreover, most peoples or societies marvelled @ the sun, etc ....
They did not necessarily interpret it to mean that a God had created it..

Aradi said...

The point there was that by truly observing and appreciating the world around us and even ourselves we would recognise and be grateful to the might of the Creator.

The very nature of creation are his ayat (signs).

Azazel said...

We know that there is a creator, we know somebody must have created this things..
Our dissent comes from who has the correct interpretation of the 'creator's will/purpose'...