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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Suppose a child was born and for some absurd reason he wasn't raised or familiar with the religious notions that exist in the world today. For example, a child raised like Tarzan with no human contact LOL. Now suppose this child was ever in trouble and prayed to a supreme being to help him, which of these following supreme beings would hear his prayer? Allah? Jehovah? Krishna? Buddha? 

I and this girl were talking about religion and I happened to ask her a question. I asked her, "Why do you believe in the Christian God" as opposed to Allah? Krishna? Buddha etc? She said because when she prayed to him, he answered her. That struck me as absurd.  I then asked her, lets say you were not raised Christian and did not come from a Christian background and you had no affiliations whatsoever and you prayed to a supreme being and he answered your prayer, how would you know whether it was the Christian God or the Muslim God who answered you? How would you even know it was "one God" who answered you instead of "multiple Gods"? How would you even know it was God who answered you and not the Devil? 

My point is this, our backgrounds usually influence what our belief systems are. For example, I have an epiphany and I pray to God, the only God in my head that I would be familiar with would be the "Christian God" and so if that God happened to answer my prayer, I would automatically give praise to the Christian God because that is the only God I am familiar with as a result of my upbringing. 

Now if a Muslim went through the same thing, they would automatically give praise to Allah because that is the only God they were familiar with. Same goes for a buddhist, Hinduist etc. One usually wouldn't give praise for a miracle to a God one is unfamiliar with. 


Realist said...

The question that arises in my head after reading this post is are they all the Same God answering to different names and different ways of praising him? but yea if it wasnt for a "pre-conceived" notion of who we are praying to, we wouldnt know who was answering. Nice one

HoneyDame said...

At the end of the day, it sounds to me like one God, different interpretations.
Well said tho

Azazel said...

Yup u feel me @ Realist..
But if i told what u just said to a christian or muslim, they would all argue that it's not the same God that they worship..
Belief in christianity comes with belieivng that christ died for ur sins and is the son of God.

doll said...

well yes, the religion child was born in matters. sorry, i am talking from the perspective of a christian cuz i am one.

When you are born again. you have a personal encounter with Jesus that catapults you from the state of being a xtian cuz your parents were one to the state of being convicted of your faith. That is also why some born muslims or other religion become xtians

Azazel said...

U had a personal encounter with christ when u were born again? How do u know it was christ talking to u? With what proof did he identify himself as christ?
Did he say 'I am Jesus the Son of God, pioneer of the Christian religion' or did u just assume he was Christ?

Realist said...

@ Doll then do Muslims and people of other religions get this personal encounter with Allah and others? Because there are also cases of people being born christian and converting to other religions.