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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The History Channel is of the Devil!!!

Its been a long long time! I have been going through some things, I might let you all know what I have been going through in subsequent blogposts... most likely I wont lol. When we last met I was talking about me giving up my quest for the truth and settling for happiness. Well that hasnt changed. I was doing so well with my new out look up until a week ago when (you guessed it) I tuned my tv to my former favorite station... The History Channel. If i got to hell, it will be because of the History Channel.

I never doubted the perfect nature of the bible until I watched a history channel episode on the origins of the bible. I never doubted the christian religion until I watched a history channel episode on the origins of religion. Well the new program that had me questioning after months of "peace" was one on Aliens. Yea Aliens!!! How the heck was I suppossed to know a show on Aliens would test my faith lol. So they talked about how the gods of the greeks and romans might actually have been aliens and not gods. We humans just called them gods because that was how we could explain them. Mount Olympus was not a mountain, it was a giant spaceship. Then they analyzed gods from other cultures around the world and showed how similar they were. Then they brought out Enoch from the bible and said he was an alien, and the chariots of fire that God took him to heaven in was actually a spacecraft. Then they started theorizing that maybe these aliens did experiments on us humans and thus aided us in our evolution. The Aliens were space travelers who came to earth for a while to teach us their knowledge and conduct a few experiments.

You might laugh at these assertions, as i did, but before i knew it my brain had started up. The idea is very plausible, almost as plausible as a God who created the world in 7 days. You might tell me to stop watching the Devil Channel if it endangers my faith, but what I value equal to happiness, is knowledge. And more and more it seems I cant have both.

Your Brother in Christ

P.S. By the way Lionel Messi is part of the Illuminatti. You heard it here first


kitkat said...

these history channel tv shows are devilish!!..any time i watch a show on history channel that is religion based, it leaves me with so many questions!!
i jst try to avvoid watching controversial shows that question religion cos we all know what curiosity did to the cat,lol

Unforgettable said...

haha @kitkat

Anyway you've just inspired me to write a post about something that I was discussing with a friend the other day that relates to this. The fact is, we don't really know how man came to be. if you believe in Buddhism, or Islam, or Christianity, or Aliens or whatever, everything seems to make logical sense based on your belief. but to get to that belief, you have to make a leap of faith. It's all just theories - science, religion etc. And we just would like our theories to be true. But the only thing that can get us there is faith. So have faith in whatever you believe and no matter how many documentaries you watch, your own beliefs will always make sense. For example, for this alien theory to work, we have to first of all believe that aliens actually exist and are advanced species - which we actually are not 100% sure of.

enziga said...

Nothing as dangerous in this world as when a christian starts to think/reason


Nutty J. said...

This is funny somehow...I'm sure i'll come back with an appropriate comment.

Or lemme just copy and paste Kit-Kats response

Realist said...

LOL@ Kitkat. Yea Curiosity killed the cat but luckily the cat has 8 more lives lol

@Unforgettable If everything makes sense and is logical, then which one is true? Or are none of them true, are they just things humans made up to help us understand the confusing world we live in?

@enziga lol my faith has already crumbled im desperately trying to build it up again.

lol @ Nutty J

El Divine said...

lmao...first they said gods were just imaginations. then they said they were humans but after years of oral traditions, myths were built up around them. and since sci-fi became popular, they've been saying gods are aliens. Their so called 'theory' has about as much fact behind it as any Dan Brown novel. No, Dan Brown actually has more. My point is, in the absence of evidence, they're just having flights of fancy. Dont fall for the, 'anything but a sentient Creator' trap.

Realist said...

@el divine, In the absence of evidence, their "flights of fancy" are equally as plausible as the idea of a sentient creator