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Friday, May 20, 2011


Definition of RESTITUTION
1: an act of restoring or a condition of being restored: as  
a : a restoration of something to its rightful owner  
b : a making good of or giving an equivalent for some injury
2: a legal action serving to cause restoration of a previous state 
There has to be some higher form of retribution. That can't be it. You can't tell me that after a life of murdering people, if a person prays 1 minute before he dies that God will forgive him and let him into heaven? #Stopit!! I like to believe if there is a God that he's certainly not that stupid. He can't be. What?? Doesn't he have to avenge the death of the harmed souls? Isn't that why they say "Leave vengeance for the Lord?"

You can't tell me that after a person kills my family, I leave him to go Scot free because I believe the Lord will avenge it and then I die and see him in Heaven enjoying the same things I'm enjoying. Don't play with my emotions like that.

Please, there has to be more to forgiveness than that. The only reason I'm writing this is because my cousin just had sex with this girl, kicked her out at 11.30 PM and proceeded to drive 5 minutes to a church for night vigil to get atonement for his sins before 12 am. Many people seem to have this same idea about the May 21st rapture scare.. This is why I believe that can't be it. That can't be all God requires to let people into heaven.

We all know I'm not Christian but I want to believe for you people who are Christian sake, that the God you serve is not stupid. There has to be more to it. 

I also don't want to believe that people who lie white lies like "I'm a natural blond" and coldblooded murderers are going to the same hell. Hell gats to have levels. This is my belief and opinion. If there is a hell, there gats to be levels. White liars gats to have air condition at least or hand fan. They can't receive the same punishment. It just can't be.

I'm just going to put this out there plain and simple if, and only IF all that is required for forgiveness is a one minute prayer and everyone goes to the same hell, then your God and religion is stupid. But that's a topic for another day isn't it? End of rant.

Vanity xx

I've missed you guys btw. Back one day and it feels great.
It's a beautiful day


LadyNgo said...

Well i certainly can't speak for God or even any other Christian for that matter but my own belief about "restitution" and repentance is that you have to actually feel remorseful for your actions. You don't just go to God and say "hey dude, my bad about xyz" just for the sake of saying it. You have to actually come with a pure heart seeking His forgiveness of your transgression.
Confession, guilt, and sorrow can exist without repentance but repentance can't exist without confession, guilt and godly sorrow"

Vanity said...

When faced with a matter of eternal damnation anyone can be repentant and feel guilt but so?

LadyNgo said...

Thats fear (and selfishness) not guilt. Not to say that people that repent don't fear eternal damnation cuz i know i sure do lol. Asking for forgiveness for the mere reason of trying to escape the fiery pits of hell isn't true repentance. At least not in my opinion. Anyone can tell someone they are sorry to escape the punishment. That doesn't mean you're actually sorry, in your heart of hearts.

Stefan said...

The God that I serve does not just deal with actions, he deals with the heart. You can say with your mouth you believe or do the required ritual to show that you believe but if your heart is not in it, it is empty. If you continue to sin because you can ask for forgiveness later then you do not truly believe. Christianity is a day to day struggle not an insurance policy. John 3 vs 16 says " for God so loved the world that be gave his only begotten son, that whosoever BELIEVETH in him shall not perish but have everlasting life" it says believeth, not doeth or sayeth. Romans 10:10 says, "with the heart man BELIEVETH unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation" so we can confess all we like butif we don't believe with all our heart, it is useless. And just because someone accepts Jesus or makes it to heaven does not mean they do not bear some consequences for their sins, they just avoid the ultimate punishment. Stray blessed my sister

MsB said...

@Vanity , any chance of giving Christainity a try ;) and welcome back, you have been missed!!!

kitkat said...

Tsk arent even a christian so boy/girl
Just like Ngo said, as long as u arent doing it for the mere sake of satisfying your guilty conscience, as lng as u are "genuinely" sorry, God will forgive u cos he's a loving father.

Ramblings Of A Retarded Young Woman said...

Nice post..and I get how you can ask these questions seeing as how you aren't a Christian, I don't know much either but I do know a bit about the prayer part. Just cuz someone prayed doesn't mean their sins are forgiven. Far from have to be genuinely sorry. That is really the criteria, so sorry to say but all those folks who sin happily and run to pray afterwards are fooling themselves, God is ot stupid. And bat the he'll and heaven part. Yup..they have 'levels'...I used the rod levels cuz dats the only word I can think of now. If there are mansions in heaven I'm guessing there are also bungalows and boys quarters...and also crown with stars and crowns without. And hell..well can't really get into that now I've rambled on for long enough already but al, yu need to do is read revelations of people that have had vision of he'll and you'd see that even though it's one place the punishments are actually different.