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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Adam Did??

You know how you cant sleep at nite so ur brain begins to take u on a ride between reality and fantasy. The by product of that state is that u suddenly become a genius at figuring out stuff that dont make half a sense when ur fully alert.
I had one of those episodes last nite.

It began with Adam and Eve (isnt that where everything else began too?). I was just thinking what kind of fruit they must have eaten that gives the 'knowledge of good and evil'. Unless something has significantly changed..we know that kind of knowledge doesnt grow on least not the trees we've come to know. So, like many other intelligent mumurities around me..we are unanimous that this 'fruit' was nothing more than 'koboko'. Now evidence: Mr. and Mrs. Adams dint have no kids until after they ate this 'fruit'. Suddenly, once they ate comes Cain wt Abel carrying his coat lapel. Evidence number 2: said fruit first savorer was Eve (prolly led on by serpent to rub her muff) then she GAVE to adam. If said fruit was on the tree...what stops Adam from plucking it himself. Why wuld it require Eve to GIVE it to him?? Then...why in heavens name will a fruit make a grown man realise he is NAKED?? Dont tell me nothing abt magical fruit, cos God made a wholly physical world. This aint no fairy tales...fruits dont make u suddenly know GOOD and EVIL. In our own times..what is the parallel experience of realising ur NAKEDNESS (and hence stop sharing a bath with ur younger bro/sis) and the sudden sense of I know GOOD and BAD hence im no longer a child. When does a man's eye OPEN like Adam's did. Yea, u guessed it..puberty. When ur sex urge kicks in. So in every points to sex. ADAM and Eve knacked...and their eyes were OPENED, and they were like GOD (in our case, we would say we are like our PARENTS) knowing GOOD (abstinence, which never works) and EVIL(sexual xperience, which is always sweeter.) Thats why they say 75% of human psychology is tied to the sex urge.
The only hole in this theory is the 'tree of life' that would have made us immortal if God dint lock us out of it. If the 'fruit' in Genesis is biological, then the 'tree of life' has to be of the same kind, cos we agree they are the same kind of tree. So what is the equivalent of a biological capability that we have, that we cannot access or make use of, that would have kept us from dying. Now in my theory..I say it is something close to our mind. Why did I say so? Hypnotic experiences show that no one dies until they are first convinced of it in their mind. Body operations have been known to be sustained beyond normal expected ability and when a person shouldnt b living just bcos they refused to be convinced to let go. And it is said that we use only 10%percent of what our minds are capable of, no matter how much we try. So if this is the case, imagine the 90% we're not allowed to access. People move stuff with their minds as of now, so they could prolly move mountains. People hold death off for seconds, minutes, hours or days more after they should be dead, so maybe with that 90% they could do it for thousands of years. People read minds or see visions, maybe with the 90% they would v been omniscient. If we had use of the 90% then who knows we may have been like God. So maybe that is what the tree of life we were locked out of was there for. Mayb its what the serpent was telling Adam when he said, u can be like God.

But even if its not, at least Ive shared with all of u the thoughts my mind was making while in between that mentally productive state between being awake and falling asleep. Now, I wanna hear what yall think??

El Divine


Vague said...

some things you understand, some things you don't. so many faults in the article but hey! really its like your opinion. The belief that theres no God, now thats a joke.. it would be cool for you to post what you believe in. Then we can have a game

Anonymous said...

HELLOOOO EL DIVINE! this is the ANONYMOUS *obviously* from THE BIBLE SUCKS post lol am back bitches!

umm..this is the most interesting post in this whole entire blog!it kinda makes sense...but naturally i don't agree with everything you wrote...

vague just highlighted something interesting too..y don't you tell your readers what you actually believe in *unless ur pagans of course* so we can sort of compare and contrast?!i suspect y'all are Mormon!

El-Divine said...

@vague..i'll be the first to admit that my theory has faults, but i just tried to capture my thots in the dream-like state wthout over thinking or editing it. its not meant to represent my belief system welcome back bitch!thanks for the compliment, and lol its only natural that u wont agree with all of it. im not sure i agree with all of it myself

and abt what i bliv, thats not what this post was meant to tell. Like i said, my mind was just rambling as i lay down to sleep..and some of the stuff i tot abt actually made me laff.
but get used to me entertaining and exploring ideas that do not necessarily represent my reality. its part of the fun...i guess. i like to see people jump around trying to put me in a category, and always coming up short. buh lemme help you..Im a christian. capeesh..? lol thanks again

Realist said...

lol nice post except for the part that said abstinence never works... well it does, it might not be the "Realist" thing to say but yea it does.

Anonymous said...

ummm ok...understood! I'LL BE BACK! *evil laugh*

El-Divine said...

@realist, thanks. Ive noted my error, lol, abstinence does work sometimes.

@anon, i'll be watching for u. *wink

Vague said...

wow you are a christian? i had u penciled down as a god!(sarcasm) convenient, pick holes in one belief without exactly stating yours...typical human...i thought this was for the extraordinary minds..i was obviously wrong
i do like the fact that u just captured ur thots without editing it...stuff like that is pricelss (now thats a compliment)..till when later..when i can be "wowed

El-Divine said...

lol, @typical human...u tot i was super human? Im a typical human oh, typical xtian, typical ordinary me. If ur lookin for xtra ordinary minds, come again in a few.

why not tell us what u bliv too..that way we can be even.

The Messiah said...

Just like Vague, I see a lot of errors. If the tree of knowledge and evil was sex related and also forbidden, then why would the first thing God say to mankind after creating Adam and Eve is "multiply and fill the Earth?" How else would we multiply if not by sex (unless Adam and Eve were asexual creatures)?

I'm glad you pointed out how fascinating the brain truly is. As you can tell from my profile picture, I'm a big fan of the brain. But I think the reason the 90% isn't used, is because it is stored for survival mode. Just like your body only uses 33% of it's muscle power under normal conditions, but when super-adrenaline kicks in, you'll find out just how strong, fast and agile you really are.

Anyways, although I've stated my disagreements, I still think this is a nice post. You showed signs of someone who thinks (and Heaven knows there aren't many like that). So kudos bro!

El-Divine said...

lol..okay, thats a valid thesis (the survival mode thingy).
and um, somehow i forgot about the 'multiply' part haha, blame it on the sleep.
thanks for the compliment shaa.

Vague said...

What i believe in would probably take an age to write and be too boring! and like The Messiah (whats with names people?)post shows attribute of someone who thinks...
when extra-ordinary comes, hit me up ok?

StandTall-The Activist said...

I made this post about my wandering mind on only the existence of Adam and Eve at the beginning og time in 2008. See here

And you know this is some theory here. Your mind is not the only one that think about all these things. I wonder too where the tree of wisdom has disappeared to. lol