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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Religion vs. Belief: Homosexuality

So i made it to my bi weekly church sessions this Sunday. Went to bible class (breakfast is an incredible incentive to wake up an hr earlier on a Sunday to study the bible). So the teacher cut short what he was talking about, to have all the college student talk about what they thought about Bishop Eddie Long (yea the guy i revealed to you on my last post that he was a fellow member of the Illuminati). But well this isn't important, the important thing was what he did after.

He began telling us to open to verses in the bible that showed homosexuality was wrong. I of course was holding my tongue but i whispered to my friend beside me about how in the same chapter in Leviticus it talked about not eating pork and not having sex with a woman on her period. All the verses till that point were in the old testament. But then the life altering moment happened. He told us to read a verse in the new testament.

Romans 1:26-27
26Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

I had never read a new testament verse that was against homosexuality, so i had conveniently concluded that it didn't exist. So i used the old reliable "the old testament is outdated" to justify homosexuality. I think homosexuality is NOT a choice. So i found it hard to believe that God could make someone a certain way and then chastise them for it.

So i sat there quiet and contemplating. The moment i should have known would happen sooner or later, had happened. My religion directly opposed what i felt was right. So there it was, homosexuality is wrong. It cannot be right, it cannot be natural, because my God would not do that to his creation. It has to be of the devil, homosexuals should die.

But then i remember why i came to the conclusion that homosexuality was natural. I have seen people who tried their hardest to be straight, who dated good looking people, who were not raped as a child, who were loved as a child, and who could no longer deny their homosexuality. I know a girl who since she was in the 8th grade knew she was gay. And no she was not raped as a child. To me, all the theoretical and theological jargon cannot be compared to these experiences. I cannot just say cus it is written in the bible these people are lying to themselves. Homosexuality for some might be a choice but for a lot it is natural. Especially in places like our beloved Nigeria that your life might be in danger, why will you choose to be homosexual.

As for me, I'm straight. But if i came out the closet today, people who know me would not be surprised. They would be like "that explains a lot". But that is just because people can not wrap their minds around a 22 year old male virgin who is not super religious, who puts good looking females that like him in the friend zone or just acts oblivious to their "hints". I have my reasons, some of them i dont even understand but homosexuality isnt one of them. Asexuality might I remember laughing my heart out recently when i chilled with some old school friends that i went to JSS with, and hadnt seen in 10yrs. One of them asked me if the steroids i was taking cut down my drive to talk to girls. I had not tried to dance or talk to enough girls the 2 nights we had all gone to the club. And no i dont use steroids, but i did get big (muscular) so i get the steroid joke a lot. That comment made my hour.

But yea, i learned something about myself on sunday. When it comes to my beliefs and my religion... I will pick my beliefs. Because after all my religion is just a part of my belief not the entire thing. Because like Azazel right fully put in the top of the blog page

"We Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it. We Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held. We Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books. We Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin. We Believe nothing just because someone else believes it. We Believe only what we ourselves test and judge to be true"

This post was also inspired by Z's post on Bella Naija.

You people are slowly sucking me into the naija blog world.


The Messiah said...


The Messiah said...

Ok now to a more reasonable comment: If you look at the history of what God wants from man, they have always been unreasonable. God creates a curious creature like man, puts him in the garden and tells him not to eat out of two trees, wtf do you think would happen? God creates man (males) with an extra skin wrapped around their penis, yet demands it be removed (why can't he just create man without it). God created a sinful nature for us humans, and somehow wants us to denounce our nature just to make Him happy. God creates a rational thinking animal called man, and somehow wants man to believe in Him without giving any fucking proof of existence. God creates homosexuals yet declares their natural ways are a sin?

Isn't it time you xtians have a meeting with this guy, and ask Him if something is wrong with Him?

Realist said...

lol... wow... @ the circumcision one. and also the Adam and Eve one.

Yea its like God keeps making us go through unnecessary tests

StandTall-The Activist said...

@ The Messiah: to buttress hour point, have you ever watch DEVIL's ADVOCATE? Remember when Keanu Revees was justifying God to Al Pacino the devil? He said " what God, the one that says taste, do not eat, eat, do not swallow...". There may be some sense in that afterall. But really how many acount of what we have in the bible are really not motivated by the personal opinions of the prophets or what they themselves considered rights and wrong?

@ Realist: many people have tried to look for different reasons to just hate gays or to just see them as the devils. Even as tough as it is in Nigeria, there are lots of homosexuals. The only difference is the fact that they do not "out" themselves. Another fact is even same sex lovers in bording schools. And I do not believe this happens cuz some attend same sex school. If they do not have any attraction, they will not be involved.

Anonymous said...


StandTall-The Activist said...

@ Anonymous: your prayers would have being valid if only your so tagged "sinners" will die. Will everyone not? Whether old or young, death will happen to us all some day...

And what makes anyone on this blog a sinner and you not?

Vanity said...

Sigh.. On behalf of all LGBTS everywhere we approve of this post.

Um btw realist it's going to be mighty hard to have babies ith you if you're a virgin... I mean I was hoping we could get started sooner than later..

On a serious note, I am as shocked as you are on the new testament verse, I've read the bible a lot and I have never seen it before..hmm but messiah speaks the truth somewhat

Realist said...

lol@Vanity i dont plan on dying a virgin

@the same sex school comment. I completely agree. There are people who go to same sex schools and do not participate in those activities. They use the fact that there is no one of the opposite sex to act out their innate same sex wantings.

Eat a dick... Amen

El-Divine said...

lol...while i personally do not accept homosexuality as a matter of principle, i realise that judging anyone on account of that will not only be shallow of me, but pretentious and hypocritical. All of us have done wrong in God's eyes so who am I to ascribe more offensiveness to one behavior because I do not engage in it? This life we lead is ours and ours alone. We all meet the same fate, death..wether str8, gay or neither.
and the link u put is quite an eye opener..seing that I kno that Z very well, and so i instaantly recognised who she was from her story. and yea, i had no idea she was gay. No sign whatsoever..

Anya Posh said...

You're only 22? aww, you're such a baby.