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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Newest Member Of The Illuminatti

Is ME!!! Realist

So i just joined the illuminati... I mean, it is what everyone is doing. Jay-z, Kanye West even SouljaBoitellem!!! If SouljahBoiswagem is doing it i gats to do it, its part of my pretty boy swag. Waiting for my million dollars in the mail. CHEAA!

But on the real... This illuminati talk has been getting on my nerves since the beginning of the year. Even one of my friends just starts talking about it cus he knows it irks my soul. There is this one uber wannabe christian chic that always say stuff like "i dont listen to jay z cus he is with the Devil" I already dont like the chic so it is extremely hard to be civil when she says ish like that. I just want to yell my famous "EAT A DICK".

I just hate when people are mindless drones. Do some research damn it. If you had been more than a casual listener to hip hop you would have known that rappers have been talking about masons, and illuminati since the 90s. Controversy sells. That is why Kanye and Rihanna (aka Everlast) has all those stupid symbols in their videos or why old rock records had satanic lyrics or said satanic things when you played them backwards.

Little History lesson...."Illuminati" Means enlightened few. It was made up in in 1776 in Bavaria by Satan going by Adam Weishaupt. The organization was made up of people who were pushing for the ideals of the Enlightenment. What are these ideals for those of us who didnt take or do not remember European history? They are, freedom of thought and equality. Basically the tenets of the French Revolution (my favorite history subject, and something the Illuminati has been blamed for, including the American and Russian Revolution). You guys can see the demonic ideals the Illuminati stands for?!!!

The Illuminati aka Satan and the angels God threw out of Heaven, attracted a lot of the intellectuals of that time period, they even got members of the Free masons to join them, as a result the Bavarian gov't got scared and banned it, thinking they were planning on overthrowing the government. The age old saying applies, "People fear what they cant understand, hate what they cant conquer".

All that is known of the society ends there. Everything else is speculation. People speculated that they went underground (a logical theory) and are the mastermind behind every world event including my neighbors dog getting lost. If you are rich with money hanging out your anus, you are part of the Illuminati, because Lord knows you cant make that money through hard work. Nothing demonic about the illuminati, except maybe they got their enlightenment from lucifer or some shit.

The thing that pisses me off about this new wave of illuminatti conspiracy theories is; insinuating that rappers are illuminati. It just does not fit!! The illuminati is not going to want a loudmouth gayfish cocky ass nigga like Kanye West. If they have any secret, he would blurt it out in a song or one of his childish rants... "Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish but as a fellow member of the illuminati Beyonce should have won that award".

This post was motivated by some dude making some ignant comment about it in a response a while ago, i just reread it. Everyday it is getting harder for me to rationally argue this, there are some emotions that only profanity can convey. I am a calm dude by nature, but when I try talking rationally to these people, all i get is ignoramus statements like "I am Christian, i cant support Jayz". If you are not going to support Jayz because you are a christian, do it for his sinful lyrics (which he has a million of), not because you are a drone that believes everything you hear.

Straight off twitter
Bishop Eddie Long is a part of The Illuminati

(Google Bishop Eddie Long if u dont know who he is) The ignorance and gullibility is amazing

So if you believe that all these rappers are Illuminati, especially Souljahboifuckem.... EAT MULTIPLE DICKS... God Bless


leggy said...

omG!!!ive been saying this.finally, someone with some illuminati not supposed to be some kinda secret society?then how the hell do they know people in it?
i just think its a bunch of bullcrap.

Ms.O said...

OMG!!! I have a post about this in my drafts! I have been SO SICK! of all the illuminati talk! ARghhh!!! anyhows..GoodPost

El-Divine said...

lol. i dont like when people talk abt stuff they know little about.
"All that is known of the society ends there. Everything else is speculation"
Including ur entire post.
You have abt as much proof that Jayz is NOT illuminati-influenced as those that say he is do. And i dont like arguing speculation.

Like everything else, the conspiracies abt illuminati v been bastardised by everyone with a mouth. But there is no smoke without fire.
You have made some effort to find the fire, you've not found it yet, but there has to be. Else there wont b smoke.
Id do a return post on this and explain my position fully. I love ur post tho..its v interesting.

Realist said...

lol@ "You have abt as much proof that Jayz is NOT illuminati-influenced as those that say he is do."

But it is on they that say he is an illuminati to show the evidence. If it isnt, then anyone can come up with any sort of gibberish, and just because they cant be proved wrong, we have to accept it. (hope no one mentions religion)
Waiting for your post. But beware if you expose any of the Illuminati secrets, me and the other members will find you

@leggy exactly!!that is what im wondering @ "is illuminati not supposed to be some kinda secret society?then how the hell do they know people in it?"

sorry for stealing your

The Messiah said...

I'm sure you've seen those youtube vids, where they play the songs backwards to get a "subliminal" message from illuminati mainstream artists. That shit gets on my nerves, especially the one they did with Obama's "Yes we can." Well, I guess now we not only have to watch what we say, but also watch what we say backwards. Idiots!

Vanity said...

lol the fact that you can say "eat multiple dicks" and "God bless" in the same line had me ROTFLMAO

I don't even bother with people anymore. You thinks he's illuminati, good for you. I shall listen to music based on what I like

El-Divine said...

lol..true..nonw of it can b proven so thats y i stay clear of ish like this.
esp since ignant folks v taken over!!(thanks to internet)so ur prolly right in callin them out.
btw, jay, illuminati or not, is my fav rapper.
hit me up when d milliona roll in

jumoke@jobsfornaija said...

Well, i am one of the people who have been commenting on blogs about the illuminati stuff too. everyone is entitled to thier belief, na so me sef i dey entitled to mine. And i believe those things are just no coincidence. but sha, na God sabi everything

Myne Whitman said...

Don't be so cocky my friend - pun intended.

krys said...

THANK YOU! finally someone has tabled this nonsense, chop knuckle jore. and elemayoh at "multiple dicks" that's way too much beef my friend

Realist said...

Lol... yea i have seen that video, it is too funny... "Thank You Satan" hahah

no matter what we do, we must always stay blessed lol

I will be sure to remember u when i become a millionaire... ahem

what things are not coincidental?

@Myne Whitman
lol i dont get the pun... but its hard not being

@Krys hahaha @ too much beef

Enoch said...

A billion decibels worth of #GBAM!!!
I for one think you should be president of naija. If nothing else, those souljaboi references are reason enuf. Damn near killed myself laughing.

Anybody that thinks Eddie Long is in the illuminati or wareva, is on a Long thing. Maybe Eddie's.

"The illumination by a thousand points of light"

Enoch said...



@realist, multiple dicks, cocky.

'Leke Python said...

Was just passing by but damn!! I gotta say you hit this one straight on the head. I can't begin to tell you how many times I gotta deal with this idiocy at work and among friends (- makes me sad about my choices in friends). I 'm gonna mail this link straight to a (ex)friend at work. I just hope she would stop showing me those dumb sites . . .

Naijalines said...

lol @ Myne and Krys.

@ Realist
You can't be hard if you're not least within the context.

Ineresting in here. Keep it up. Was that a pun? Yes. Well it just slipped out like that. No pun intended this time. Ok I'll quit while I'm ahead.

StandTall-The Activist said...

I remember the fad a few years back in Nigeria where people started talking about not listening to Celine Dion cuz she goes to the churuch of Satan and that we shd stop buyin P & G products cuz the owner goes to the same church.

How true is this qoute "People fear what they cant understand, hate what they cant conquer"! Very true indeed.

There are so many levels of brainwashing that has happened to the human race, and the teaching of Xtainity and Islam top the list where if you go against the norm you are playing with hell fire. Where if you dare ask questions that are considered to be challenging God you are done for!

Many of our problems will be solved if we can just be open minded and use the remaining 90% space in our brain reserve...

Realist said...

@StandTall-The Activist
I totally missed your post, i completely agree with everything you said, especially "Many of our problems will be solved if we can just be open minded and use the remaining 90% space in our brain reserve..."

StandTall-The Activist said...

Thanks for getting back to it. Better late than never.

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