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Monday, May 31, 2010


Most atheist who get into debates on the origin of everything usually have to argue against their opponents' (theist, mostly theist who subscribe to an Abrahamic religion) argument; that everything has to have been created from something, and that 'something' is God. Sometimes the atheist would often use their opponents' "everything has a creator" point to ask who created God, and then afterwards the theist contradict themselves and say "God doesn't need to have a creator." Obvious fuckerey. But today, I've come to make a claim that fits into the theistic argument and state that, indeed everything requires a creator even God, and His creator is man. Yes, man created God, in man's image and likeness (notice I said "man's image" because even God is described as a He). Not only did man collectively create God, but humans (men and women) still also individually does so too. If you read the books of the Bible and correlate the books to the author, you can actually tell who the author was simply by analyzing the personality the author gives God. If you read the first five books of the Bible, you find a very angry, judging, jealous, conservative, blood-thirsty, unforgiving and Jewish God. Why? Because the author had all those traits. 

 Moses was Jewish; not only that, he was also very passionate about his Hebrew folks, in fact in Exodus 2:11-12 he kills an Egyptian that was beating a Hebrew brotha. So it wouldn't make any sense for Moses to write, in an adoring manner, about the Egyptian God. That's exactly why even Genesis, another book written by Moses, shows that from the beginning God was in favor of the Hebrews (the promise of Abraham and his offspring). Moses was an angry man, blood-thirsy, judging, unforgiving, conservative; he ordered people to kill each other because they broke a law they knew nothing about Ex 32: 19-29. We can conclude that Moses was a jealous man because of the God he created; a jealous God. If you read Deuteronomy 13 (the whole chapter) you'll know what I'm talking about. Now it is clear and fair to say that Moses was quite an asshole so he made a God that is similar to his character, Jesus on the other hand was the opposite. Moses believed in "an eye for an eye," Jesus believed in "turn the other cheek"; Moses created a million and one do's and don'ts, Jesus created only one, love; Moses created a punishing God, Jesus created a forgiving God. Moses created an exclusive and somewhat racist God, Jesus created an open-to-everyone God. Moses was conservative, and Jesus was liberal, and you can definitely tell from the personality they give God. As a matter of fact, if Jesus lived in Moses's time, Moses woulda called him a blasphemer, and if Moses lived in Jesus's time, Jesus woulda called him a hypocrite (I get this analysis from the way Jesus treated the pharisees who acted like Moses). Even today the same story holds, liberals would say "God loves everyone," conservatives would say "God hates fags." Christian would say "Christianity is the way to God," and Muslim would say "no, Islam is." While some strap a bomb to themselves, go to a populated area and yell "God is great," right before they blow up, and think this action will lead them to Heaven, others think it's their first class ticket to the hottest region of Hell. Yet regardless of the discrepancy, they all believe God is on their side. This is why there is an oxymoron called "holy war."
They all seem to think God is telling them to conquer the other side.

Sidenote: Let's assume this is right, and somehow God would whisper in one's ear and tell him to fight the opposition and that He will be on his side, and then God goes to tell the opposition the same thing just to kick back, eat some heavenly popcorn made out of clouds and entertain himself with the violence that both sides will produce. I'm sure every time some extremists does something extreme in God's name because God told him to do it, God would probably be having fun watching and thinking to himself "Haha stupid mortals." Sometimes I marvel at how many magas God don make pay.

Anyways, God seems to be a superego residing in a believer's head, and since the believer is supposed to love this God, the believer creates the personality for the God that will enable loving the God. That's why people say "God will punish you" to their enemies, because their enemies have to be their superego's enemies as well, and the same logic goes for "God bless you." A good example of this would be Henry XIII of England, who hated the fact that the Catholic church prohibited divorce, so he created his own church; Church of England or Anglican church and in this church they worship a God that is permissive to divorce. So with that being said, why don't you guys tell me what God's personality is like, tell me who your God is from your perspective. Thank you.

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Azazel said...

The God I serve has a whole lot of humor, he does not strike u with thunder/lightening when u blaspheme with his name.
He does not bully people into thinking he will kill them if they ever question his authority or his laws..

Sugarking said...

Una need to write all this una gist for book I swear!!! Great post again. Thought provoking!!!

Enoch said...

Very interesting. you should read "The antichrist"- Nietzsche. He develops these ideas very methodically. Deliciously aggregating patterns from class divisions, etymology, history, etc; to paint a vivid and coherent picture of the emergence of God stitched together by man's fears, hopes and lust for power.

2cute4u said...

In a bid to be more controversial?
Don't worry, I already voted for ya!
As per this post, I was here,I read it and I'm leaving.

KatheleenJ said...

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leggy said...

lol..i concur with azazel.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

this is an interesting piece. It challenges conventional thinking and conventional thinking is doomed to fail when faced with this. According to Amu Djoleto (author of The Strange Man) 'Convention and Conformity are the foundation stone of decadence'.