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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Blogsville peeps make una no vex, I know it's been a long time since I last blogged. School has been whooping my butt seriously, so that aspect of my life has kept me very busy.

So I and my good friends were watching this movie "The lovely bones". The movie features Matt Damon as a father who's daughter got killed and he's obsessed with finding out who killed her. Anywayz his daughter who was 14 died and her soul was wondering around, so during the movie I and my friend Simon noticed that as every other human being grew older, the soul of the daughter remained her normal age without aging or anything.
I then wondered aloud, whether people don't age in heaven and I left it at that. My friend Simon however pursued it, and he started asking rapid questions.
Questions like : If you die and go to heaven, will you remain the same age as you were in heaven? For example, lets say I died @ the age of 20, will I still remain 20 years old in heaven? What about little babies who die? There are a lot of one, two, three year olds who were just learning how to crawl when they died, does that mean that they will remain that small in heaven? Because the thought of having all them toddlers crawling around heaven on that road  supposedly paved with gold is super hilarious.
Moreover, if indeed there are babies roaming heaven, whereforth shalt their nannies cometh from?

One of my friends told me that in her opinion, the babies will turn into angels when they reach heaven. I asked her how come all humans don't just turn into angels? Why should it only be the babies who get the chance to turn into angels? Me to I can like to have wings and fly around like an angel to nah.

But in all seriousness, lets say you died an 80 year old man or woman would you still have the physical nature of an 80 year old in heaven? And lets say everybody in heaven who was old gets to be young, at what age would they choose for them to return to? 20? 30? And can you imagine a family who went to heaven, and the son is 20, the father now becomes 20, the mother is 20, infact everybody in the family becomes 20. That would be very awkward innit?
So that's why I asked, at what age would people who are in heaven be at?

Seeing as summer is now upon us, I will begin to blog more regularly. I got a new apartment and am moved in and settled already so everything is dandy. Lately, I've come across somepeople who are convinced and I mean convinced that I worship the devil. Like seriously, as per they'll tell me that they can't be friends with me because they think I worship the devil. It takes all my strength not to laugh my head off. It is what it is sha, you can't please everybody. Am about to go do blog rounds


Anonymous said...

Lol u crack me up!! You've got a point though it would be just a tard awkward if you were the same age as your mom and dad in heaven.

Azazel said...

Lol I try, and seeing as our parents were prolly hot @ the age of 20..
Imagine tryna compete with that ??
Na wa o..

Enoch said...

Devil worshiper, there's no mystery here. We will all have "age dials" on our foreheads, with which we can adjust to whatever age suits us.

Babes will go from droopy to firm boobs in a twist of the wrist.

Nice one.

Nice Anon said...

New apartment huh? Cool stuff. Yeah summer is among us so time to get out a little more.

Anonymous said...

According to the bible I know, when you die, you leave your physical body behind. your body decays in the grave, but it's your soul that goes to heaven,so babies won't be crawling since they don't have a body. All that is in heaven is our soul and the soul is not a physical being, so your question really doesn't make sense.

2cute4u said...

you've started again! Not like i think you worship the devil but that you love drama.
You should know that when pple die and go to heaven, they stop aging.. Its common knowledge.
As for babies turning in to angels, I've heard that before but don't know how true that is..
Maybe pple assume that cause their spirits are still pure..
I hope you don't contaminate your new apartment with your drama..
Why didn't I see your blod on the naijablog awards site..
Do something about it

Azazel said...

@ anonymous..
Good point, so in what recognizable shape do our souls take?
Lets say my soul goes to heaven and my brother's soul is in heaven. How will we recognize each other??
Afterall if the only possible way we could recognise each otehr before was through our physical appearance, how then can we recognise each other in heaven??
I don't know what my soul looks like, u don't know what ur own soul looks like..
So how tall would our souls be? How short would they be?
Am 6 feet so wud that mean my soul wud be 6 foot??
Or would it be 4 foot 9?

Azazel said...

Lol @ I should know that ppl stop aging in heaven..
And u say it's common knowledge..
Common knowledge to who my dear? Have u been to heaven? Who do u know personally that has been to heaven and back? Yet u say it's common knowledge..
As for the awards thing, I don't strive for recognition hun, i prefer to strive to be worthy of recognition..

lahlah said...

hmmm, good one, i think we would age, age is both physical and intellectual. So even if our bodies are gone are souls should grow, abi don't they teach in heaven? and lol? a devil worshipper for refusing to be ignorant? lol, great post as usual.

sosexy said...

You're definitely C.R.A.Z.Y!
I was in doubt but now, the confusion has been cleared up.
But hey, You gotta have pple like you around..
*shakes her head and leaves*

Sugarking said...

Walahi, I can bet both my lungs Azazel has been smoking some good igbo!!! See reasoning!!!!!!

P.s. Bros No vex, I am fapping the entire post to put on my facebook page (referencing you definitely) People gotta read this!!!!!

EDJ said...

I agree with Anonymous. When we die our SOULS go to heaven not our bodies so age/looks/etc become irrelevant.

@Azazel as far as recognizing your brother, in heaven (at least according to what I've read) everyone is your brother and sister. There are no mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, etc. It is supposed to be one big family.

So there is no concern about age. I would imagine that you can decide what your soul would "look" like. I mean isn't that the point of heaven? Happily ever after can take any form you want (within the realm of "good" of course).

Azazel said...

Indeed @ one big family..
Notice u didn't include 'happyy' in that one big family...
Will that family be a happy one???
And how tall would our souls in heaven be? In terms of height??
Will our souls all be of the same height??
Will a 2 yr old have the same 'soul height' as a 20 year old??
If am 6 foot right now, will my soul still be 6 foot? Or will it shrink??

Anonymous said...

@Azazel, those are questions I can't really answer. All I know is our body decays in the grave, so I don't know how your brother will recognize you if you are not in your physical form that he knew you as before you die. You can't talk because your lips and everything is gone. you don't have feet because your bones is still in the grave, so honetsly I don't know.

El-Divine said...

why dont we all ask God for a sneak peak and save all the drama. Im nominating u Azazel for a near death experience by a reputable doctor friend of mine. You can go on a tour of heaven...and you'll pay me of course. I gotta wear my own louis vuitton suit (ref. messiah's last post.) and ur questions will b answerred.
but forreal tho, in the bible it says our human bodies will be changed into an immortal heavenly body. now i imagine this new body has to be made to 'heaven specs.' so it doesnt have to grow. that means no matter ur age, when u die u step into an already tailored heavenly body that is age differences to seperate us. And certainly no earthly ties like we know them now.

The Messiah said...

Hahah @ some arguments saying when you go to heaven you don't age.

In fact, I made a commercial speech on that point.
Wanna look, feel, and be younger without listening to what your doctor or health advisers have to say? Wanna live forever without feeling the decay of aging? Then you need Heaven! No facelifts, funky diets, or stressful exercises. Just go to church, ask 4 forgiveness and for Jesus to come into your life so you would have a clean sheet, and have one of our staff kill you (because committing suicide will stain you "clean sheet" and ruin you chances to enter. That's all. Just follow those steps and you'd be on your way to eternal youth. But if you call right now, and we'll include the same service to your any one of your family member or friend, FREE! That's two for the price of one! So what are you waiting are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and dial 1-800-2Heaven


I can't believe I'm just noticing this too. Thanks for the visit. Following through and true nw :)

2cute4u said...

@ Azazel,
I should add that when I asked you why I didn't see your blog on the Niaja blog awards site, it was cause and I had vote for you and felt you had potential..
You didn't need to give me that crap..
Just saying.

Johnath孟軒 said...


bob-ij said...

Wow! This is actually a genuine concern. Never though thought it before... hmm. I dunno!


Azazel said...

Pele @ 2cute4u..
If u knew me well enough, u would know i was just joking..

Yep @ Bob Ij

Anonymous said...

the film was with matt wahlberg and not matt usual interesting thoughts!