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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Some of you will say that Azazel (abiakwala) has come again with his controversial self, but please make una permit me to entertain your minds for just 5 minutes.

Do any of you think that it is possible for God to be killed? Some of you are like, I cannot believe he just said that but please please before you shut me out, understand why I asked this question. The other day I got to thinking, and I started to wonder why is it that we have this notion that Devil was the 'loser' in the coup that took place in heaven? First Devil got control of the earth and he also controls hell, so what exactly did he lose? He took over God's creation(earth) and now he is known as the prince/king of the earth so in my estimation the devil pretty much gained a significant amount of power. But I digress sha, back to my question about whether God can be killed. The devil is a smart and intelligent guy abi? Now tell me throughout history people who would be former coup leaders have usually done two things to the leaders whom they seek to overthrow. They have either executed the leader or they've thrown the leader in Jail. Now I got to thinking, when Devil was planning this coup d'etat he must have had a plan on how to overthrow God and take the thrown for himself. One does not just plan a coup, without filling in all the blanks. So Devil either had two options when it came to how to get rid of God, he could either 'kill/execute' him or he could throw God in Jail. Apparently, Devil's coup did not suceed 100% but one can say he came out with a few victories. It just makes me wonder sha, what was devil's plan to deal with God if he had won the coup, Kill God? or Throw God in Jail?

Moving on to the title of this blogpost, how would we on earth know if today or tomorrow there was a '2nd Coup' in heaven? Who would come to inform us? BBC/Reuters/CNN/NTA no dey heaven so how would the news reach us? Some of you will say that it is ludicrous to think that there would be a 2nd coup in heaven and to those who would say that, I say to you your thinking is baloney. If Lucifer could scheme in his heart and form the ambition to overthrow God, it is folly to think that another angel or other angels cannot scheme to overthrow God as well. I mean lets think about it, the devil was able to persuade 1/3 of the angels in heaven to follow him. There are several reasons why they would choose to follow God
1. Devil's Charisma
2. Discontent with God's rule
3. Personal Ambitions

I seriously doubt that 1/3 of the angels in heaven followed the devil because of his charisma, I am more inclined to think that they followed him because of their discontent with God's rule. Now if there were 1/3 of angels who were discontent with God's rule, is it not folly to think that there aren't or weren't others left behind who sat on the fence and remained neutral. So if a coup were to happen today in heaven, how exactly would we find out? Most of us would certainly not believe anybody who got 'God/Devil Inspired' to write another Holy Book detailing it as we have become extra cynical and skeptical in this generation so how would we find out about a Coup? 

This weekend I shall be co-hosting Vera's show and I hope it's going to be fun. Yall should tune in and listen. 
Yall see what being a celebrity can lead to? Before when I was a nobody Vera did not invite me on her show, now that I've become a somebody 'Suddenly' they want me on the show. Haha I am kidding o, serious jokes. 


rayo said...

ive thot about this before o. lol. but seriously i think twld reflect on earth. maybe. if they kild im maybe all dem pastors wont be able to get thru to God or sumtn... if they threw im in jail, ha, dat wld b d problem, d dude will just say 'let there be sumtn...' nd hey presto, all his 'enemies' r under his feet once mo

Juanita said...

Email, twitter, facebook. Don't forget the whole God works in mysterious ways shebang.
But as rayo said, it'll reflect on earth, like major bad stuff going on, visions and all that.

Enoch said...

I am fairy certain that if the 'light bearer' is smart enuf to takedown the 'ancient of days,' he'll be smart enough to tie up his mouth. Tightly. No talking privileges. NO "Let here be light" or "Let there be AC or standing fan." Nothing. Not even a gag reflex. lol

Maybe the successful coup plotter would just install himself and forward all God's mail/prayers/praise to his own mailbox and leave us earthlings to our blissful ignorance. For all we know this might have happened repeatedly. Kind of like Kyrgyzstan, or on a more fitting note, like the matrix. Depending on how frequent the coups occur, believers might worship multiple Gods unbeknownst to them, in their life time. Or perhaps, since celestial beings are supernaturally fast, multiple Gods per earth day.

Heaven logic is so silly.

PS:Glory be to Amadioha

Enoch said...


The Messiah said...

According to their Bible, God is eternal which means he can't die, so I'm guessing the devil wanted to overthrow Him by jailing Him or subduing His Godly powers (Using Bible logic here). And it's quiet understandable why 1/3 of the angels rebelled, afterall, the angels are nothing but slaves to God. In Revelations, it mentions there are 4 creatures and 24 elders that do absolutely nothing but sing the same praise song to God FOREVER (Rev 4: 6-11). That's a really boring job, doing the same shit over and over and over again for the rest of eternity and no lunch breaks! He also didn't create the angels with free will, and any sin an angel commits isn't forgivable. It makes sense why they got fed up.

Azazel said...

Lol Rayo @ maybe all the pastors would not be able to get through to him..
There is something funny about how u said that..
Juanita, we've had 4 earthquakes plus the volcanic ash this year. Is it a reflection of a coup??
Lmao @ No let there be AC or standing fan..
Enoch u don come again hahahahahaha
@ Messiah
Good point, that indeed is a form of serious slavery..

Realist said...

we would see some weird stuff, like fire in the sky, plus God would notify all the Prayer warriors in all the pentecostal churches to join the war

2cute4u said...

Before I read through, I was thinking it was one of those your ....
Anyway, your post reminds me of SUPERNATURAL where it was supposed that God was missing and no longer in heaven.
I'd stop there

Myne Whitman said...

I will certainly be listening to the show.

@Rayo, lol..

sosexy said...

You're not controversial, just that you say annoying stuff that tend to irk people.
I was actually eating when I started reading your post and prayed silently to God to deliver me from constipation.
But then again, this time you surprised me, your post was a bit plausible.

Azazel said...

Lol @ realist.
Hmm @ ur post

Azazel said...

Loooool @ constispated
Wow sosexy please let it never come to that. What exactly did u say was plausible??

F said...

LMAO @ Sosexy... Hahahaha

Well well... if there was a coup in heaven, huh? Honestly, the whole thing confuses me. The devil controls the world and hell, which will eventually have more occupants than heaven... The bible itself shows that the narrow path is the one that leads there, na the wide one dey send you go eternal barbecue...

So it confuses me- how exactly does God win? I guess cos His side isn't the one being turned into everlasting suya... The real losers are probably the human beings- if the devil has been chilling in Hell all this time (really bad pun intended) I doubt that eternity will be a problem for him. It might be us who end up somewhat averse to the climate there...

I really don't know about this one... My own Christianity has never been able to figure out this part of "Heavenlogic"... :s

El-Divine said...

lollzz... if there was a coup in heaven...hmmm, i got a citizenship to change.
but its a possiblility many of us have considered. what if another person pulls off what lucifer did. well i could say god learnt the first time by not giving any one angel too much power anymore... yu no hear say the post of arch angel is now subject to approval by heavenly senate of 24 elders? go figure!

lahlah said...

honestly azazel you scare the hell out of me (no pun intended) the things you make me think about sha i'll be back later, after i've thought about this long and hard

Sugarking said...

Chai, and I just finished smoking my last bud ystdy!!! I like to be high when I read these ur posts Azazel.

Lately the question I can't seem to find an answer to these days (and I put it up as my status update on FB) is;

"Has anyone ever stopped to think what a world it would be if God and the Devil would just squash their beef? Seriously, How long has it been really?? Is the beef really that un-squashable?? and why is everyone taking sides instead of making efforts to help them settle the beef?"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Elastic said...

May God forgive the negative comments said here.