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Friday, March 12, 2010

Blame it!

Jay-z is a member of the Illuminati and part of a plan to occultically (is that a word?) influence the world. At least, that is what the conspiracy theorists will have me believe. Personally, I dont give a flying fuck about that, Jayz is the only reason I listen to rap and whatever he wants to do with his free time is his problem.

Anyway, I was just listening to his Black Album track, Lucifer. My interest was piqued with his last line "blame it on the son of the morning!" That line blazed in my head and quietly I began to think those thoughts that make the reverend father cringe in confession. Thoughts like "how many of the ills blamed on satan are actually his fault and how many are the results of our own human weakness?" I am all too familiar with the human tendency to look for a scape goat for our failings, after all I do it myself. Anytime Im confronted with a massive wrongdoing, the intial reaction is to find a way to make the offense seem less offensive, you catch me? And if I cant succeed, then I begin to mentally search for any point when someone else had the remotest involvement in that act so that even if I cannot pin it all on him, then at least he can take some of the heat. Hey, dont judge me...Im human

Im just saying, what if Lucifer had nothing to do with sin in human beings? If you look at the way our sinful nature is CONVENIENTLY blamed on Lucifer, making us helpless offenders who need to be saved from our actions...I dont know about y'all but its a little TOO convenient. We can fold our hands and "blame it on the son of the morning". That is one thing I like about the emerging world view that places our character and actions firmly on our shoulders. Believe it or not, there was a time when if you blamed a crime you commited on "demonic possession" you would walk free. If you doubt it ask medieval europeans whenever you are privileged to go to the gr8 beyond. These days of course, that excuse is not even utterable unless you want to an appointment with the shrink in addition to ur sentence. Point is, if God had used the same principle for adam, mayb just mayb, the bible would have turned out differently or at least,snakes will still walk with their legs.

This incident reminded me of something that happened when I was much younger. I happend to hold the position of black sheep in my family, which is not fun even though it has its advantages. Anyway, I was rebellious, impulsive, reclusive and all big words used to describe a bad boy. Personally, I knew my problem was that my home was too restrictive, but my mum's friend who owned a fellowship/ministry managed to convince her that I was "acting under influence". thats a euphemism for I was possessed! Hilariuos right, I mean I dint curse, steal, kick , fight or foam at the mouth when holy water came by. I was just disobedient and reclusive...kinda like how many million kids at that age. Anyway, they decided to hold special prayer for me lol. When whatever demon they were casting out apparently stayed put (cos I dint change one bit) they decided on the most ludicrous thing I heard. My name is Eke which tentatively means nature, and in ibo its the same spelling for python but not the same pronounciation. Well, the woman said my name invoked the "power of the serpent" as she termed it and that my parents needed to change my name to Paul for me to be finally free......hahaha. I told her I was already having David as an English name and that it obviously dint help matters. After all, David was closer to God's heart than paul and so shouldve been more effective. Needless to say, no one changed nothing, but the funny thing was that whenever my parents (no, my mum cos my dad dint see any thing wrong with me) complained about my behavior, I was kwik to remind her that it wasnt my fault, na una name me python name. that I am a grown, fairly good kid and still answering my beloved Eke, I wonder whose responsible for the change. Of course, it had always been MOI.

Next time people want to hurry to "blame it on the son of the morning" please think again. Hes not that guilty.


Anonymous said...

I my friend, would rather blame it on the alcohol.

Funny post.

Realist said...

hahaha that pisses me off. When someone opens their mouth and say it was the devil, i am like you let the devil possess you. People not taking responsibility for their actions pisses me off, especially if that person is Plus i hate the whole Jay z illuminati argument. It is so stupid, he isnt!! its a marketing ploy. Rappers including him have been doing it for years

F said...

Many artists- musicians or otherwise- may have links with the occult, but so do loads of people... I doubt that the Illuminati or any other world-controlling entity would limit itself to one poster boy... It depends on what one believes. If you fear being "cursed" or "initiated" by listening to Jay Z's music, then stop listening to it, period. Don't whine about the naughty naughty Illuminati.

About blaming it on the devil... Well, they say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", don't they? If people have been falling for it all this time, I don't blame those who resort to the lame excuse for doing so. It's funny how the devil only ends up being responsible for an affair with the house-help but has nothing to do with a lucky streak at the lottery... Some people are hilarious.

muyiwa said...

well Jay z is still the best rapper alive, i dont think any reasonable person can be influenced with some of his occultic lyrics, it depends on mindset and believe of the particlar person

~B~ said...

Jst 4 infos sake:

Lucifer (lucem ferre), literally means "light-bearer", "Day Star" or "Morning Star", which in that language is used as a name for the dawn appearance of the planet Venus, heralding daylight.

courtesy of wiki

leggy said...

no comment

Azazel said...

Lmao @ under the influence..
Hahah real funny post..
But seriously though, the devil has suffered in this life tomuch.

Azazel said...

F I feel ur comment o

BSNC said...

hahah i feel F's comment. You are so right. I heard about the illuminati thing too.

Azazel said...

Lol BSNC real talk

El-Divine said...

lol @blame it on the alcohol. realist i feel u joo..the guys is envouragin the controversy cos he knows it sells albums

El-Divine said...

@F tell me about it! Its quite funny...they blame him only for the bad things as if theres a being in this universe who has a monopoly on evil.
thanx for the info squiggly B.

lol @ leggy. no response

@azazel, i see there is finally a point we have concensus on. xtian or not, we agree he has ended up on the wrong side of the cosmic blame game for too long.

akaBagucci said...

whatever we blame -- bottom line is the individual retains responsibility for his/ her actions.. even if they were LSD induced.. :)

2cute4u said...

Would've replied earlier but didnt know what to I'm back,and I dont know what to say..
Just, hmmmm... I never blame the devil though for any wrong,we always have a choice..
Jay-Z?I'd pass on that..
Nice post Azazel
Please visit

Aradi said...

Hmmm... so you -are- evil.

lol. About the possession and name driving you to rebel, that's utter bollocks. It's you that makes you do stuff. Take, for example, Nigerian Muslims' tendencies to name their kids after Prophets and great men; that is not a practice done in Saudi Arabia, for example, where names like Zayd, Sudays, Sultan and others are just as rampant. Doesn't mean that either of us is more religious. If it does, I'm done for. The guy that started violence in my hometown is called Muhammad Yusuf. My name is Yusuf Muhammad.

It's funny that you mention Jay Z and downplay the significance of the devil in the same paragraph. I am a fan of Jay Z's music, and know a lot of his music by heart. I especially enjoy the classic, Reasonable Doubt, and perhaps more surprisingly, the more recent American Gangster album. Frankly, I downplay the significance of occultism in his music. I don't deny that he has occult connections (you would swear he definitely does after a listen of Reasonable Doubt, in which Darkness is given an especially interesting portion of empathy), but I think Jay Z exaggerates its significance to have people buzzing about it, and also to boost his infamous image.

Subtle suggestion and references are very very strong tools that Jay Z uses. It's obviously worked, having made him the most prolific rapper today. What interests me is that subtle suggestion and whispering is the devil's way, as is mentioned in the Qur'an ("Say: I seek refuge... from the evils of the sneaking whisperer..")

People attribute bad things to the devil, and good things to themselves (such as father's saying "see your son!" to mothers of rebellious children), and that is a very negative mentality. However, equally foolhardy is dismissing the significance of the devil altogether. Perhaps if you've read what I have about his ways, you would be more fearful of his dubious and sneaky tendencies; quite frankly, the devil lodges itself in your heart and exaggerates your not-so-fanciful tendencies.

The Messiah said...

Haha I myself happen to hold the position of black sheep of my family, but since we're all black I guess I'm the white sheep hahah.....This concept of devilish possessions have caused benign yet concerning reactions like Mountain of Fire church members but don't underestimate the power of a delusion. Back in the dark ages, they would smash holes into the skulls of people who were mad and claim that they are releasing the evil spirit by doing so. This act was called trepanning, I personally called fuckering.... Anyways good post

Anonymous said...

Lmao! Black sheep rule! I'd rather blame it on alcohol even though 3/4 of the time I do stupid things am sober. And I feel totally better now that I know am not the only one who has had the "Devil" cast out of them