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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Physicist Claims to Have Physically Found God

And it wasn't some bearded white man sitting in the clouds.
And it wasn't by revelation either.
He found it, By Mathematical computation and cosmic modelling.

Let me tell what I got from him, the way I got it.

Frank J. Tipler was your everyday smart ass scientist. He studied physics, did his PhD in Cosmic Relativity (a la Steve Hawkins) and having observed the universe, quickly dumped his beliefs in God. He was an atheist for the better part of thirty years.

Well, as he advanced in his study of the cosmos, he applied Einstein's proof that as far as physics was concerned, there was no fundamental difference between the past, future or present (check Einstein's relativist theories). Being that most cosmologists have successfully used these theories to understand the earliest beginnings of our universe and how it has evolved over time, Tipler decided to use the same theories to model the evolution of our universe's future.

In doing so, he did something few scientists have ever done, that is, develop a complete picture of the universe both as it has been, as it is, and as it is going to be. He unified all of it into one complete model. And according to him, his own conclusions startled him because they align with a lot of Judeo-Christian beliefs that he had denounced as rubbish.

His first discovery is that there has to be into the future of the universe, what he called an Omega point. Its a point where, based on the known laws of physics, all that is, will be, and has been remains totally in existence. That is where the present, past and future will merge into a constant and remain so.  Where everything that has ever existed in the universe will exist again, or should I say, already exists again. Thus, the physical universe is progressing to a particular point where everything and everyone who has ever lived, will be alive again, permanently. (the bible calls it resurrection and eternity).

His second conclusion was that theology got it all wrong: God is not a being, God is being itself evolving into manifestation. However, given that cosmically, the Present, past and future are a constant, God already exists now as part and parcel of all things, and at the Omega point, and can reach across time and existence. It is we humans who have to progress through time to when we can know Him fully. (He who Was, and Is , and Is to Come). Funny enough to me, I found that historians have said that when God spoke to Moses, he introduced himself, not as I am what I am, like KJV said, but as I AM what I WILL BE.

His third conclusion is that based on his model, the 'all Being' who becomes personified as God in the Omega point cannot  possibly be a triune God (someone remember my post about how Trinity makes no sense.) Accoring to him, mathematically, the entire energy of the universe merges into a Singularity. A ONE. (take that, polytheists).

He comes to a bunch of other conclusions based on his modelling of cosmic evolution, but I don't want to recreate his book. Its called "The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology,God and the Resurrection of the Dead." Check some of it out here
The most amazing thing is that he used mathematics to come to all these conclusions. According to him, math, by allowing us to measure reality to the point of infinity, allows us not just to model the universe, but to see God.

And of course he is no longer an atheist. (He does say however, that unifying Christianity with his Omega point theory while possible, is not easy and does not arise clearly from the model because his model can only mathematically prove the existence of God, resurrection, and immortality. there is no clear modelling of the figure and phenomenon embodied in the Bible as Christ. In other words, Judaism & Islam fits his theory more easily.
Now, as defender of rationality,  I decided to find the other side of the story. Critics have mostly agreed with his mathematical calculations that predict the existence of an Omega point, with all of its characteristics like melding past, present and future, embodying all alternate expressions of the universe etc. However, they disagree with Tipler's conclusion that the singularity of the Omega point is God.  Tipler insists that this singularity has all the qualities which religions attribute to God, including intelligence.

Now, Im neither refuting nor confirming his arguments, the math too tough for me. Im only showing you something I have been saying many times in this blog: A basic understanding of science, especially space-time theories, almost always confirm if not the existence of God, at least a rational need for it.)

And this may be the longest, most scientifcally dizzying post I ever made. Im going to retire for a year. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Lol! I'm dizzy.


Am trying to understand the findings of this "great" scientist..from the way i see it he's only comparing his findings with the teachings of the Abrahamic religions which every sane thinking person with decent common sense knows that it is a bunch hogwash n overglorified folklores! Some eastern theology have proven without mathematical formulas that "God" is a form of energy not an old white man with long beards sitting on the cloud n wondering which human he can screw for not stroking his big ego. That leaves us with the omega theory, am confused here, I thought scientists said our sun, the major source of life in our solar system is burning out? if that's the case, it's either we won't b existence when the universe gets to the point our dear science man is talking about or what am confused*shrugs* this also points out further his bias towards the Abrahamic religion, unless I missed the point where he explained reincarnation with this his theory. minus the omega theory, all his mathematical formulas n complex science can be deduced with simple, natural "common sense".. my 2

El Divine said...

Okay, first off he's not just comparing his theories to abrahamic religion. He had dismissed religious thought like Immortality, resurrection, eternity and God as nonsense too. But he applying time relativity to cosmic evolution told him that indeed resurrection, eternity and God are part n parcel of the laws of nature. Basically, take a computational model of the universe, apply the known laws of physics...if u project it backwards it leads u to the big bang and then nothing and if you project it forward it will lead u to the omega point and everything.

Realist said...

I long since stopped trying to merge faith and logic but kudos to those who continue to try. But yea this is interesting.

Utah ppc said...

I see. You blog's subject is limited to anti-Christian only. No wonder you won the "Most Controversial Award".

portfolio optimization said...

My brain was not designed to understand and comprehend complicated subjects like this. LOL.

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