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Friday, January 20, 2012

Lucifer's Diary: God Cheated

We are always going on about the 'dangers of a single story.' So like you all already know, once in a while, we approach the Bible from a whole new point of view. Today, I'm questioning the assumption that God won the eternal argument and Lucifer lost. It may well be that one person cheated. Im just gonna let yall decide what you decide. For me, Im just thinking aloud, as always. So here is the devil's diary entry. I suggest a sign of the cross before you read further.

Entry 1: "So my simple argument has been thrown about the cosmos as an act of rebellion. I simply questioned the assumption that every living soul necessarily finds pleasure in worshipping God through out eternity. God says that is the ultimate good and that I am somehow evil for wanting for once to just enjoy my own existence, to do something for Myself. Just to be me, and to let other beings recognize me for what and who I am instead of justifying my existence through service to Him. And the other angels somehow think He is right and that I really am evil. The ignorance of them all! I have tried to reach out to them, to show them that they are basically programmed to want to serve him. They have just an illusion of choice. Even with that illusion I have managed to sway some of them. Now, I made just one simple bet with God. "Create a new being, outside heaven so he won't fear your presence, give him independence and dominion over his own plane of existence. And then just please, give him choice. Free will. Make him a free agent and I swear once he has the choice between serving God, or being like God, he will choose to be like God." Since that is the sin I am being punished for, let's see if a free agent will choose to worship God. If he does, then I will accept my fate. God has accepted my bet. He has embarked upon creating an earth and putting a being in it who is made like the sons of God but also has free will. Let's see how this will go. 

Entry 2: Hahahahahaha! I did it!! Real simple...the tree was put in the garden and God gave instructions to man and the woman....dont eat of it. I asked them, do you wanna serve God forever and not know why he didn't want you to eat that tree, or do you want to be like God, decide for yourself what is good or bad and do whatever you want. It was a simple choice really. I ALWAYS knew I was right!!!

Entry 3: Crap! God decided to be vengeful! When I was celebrating the fact I was proven right, he ordered Michael to throw me and all the angels who supported me out of heaven! He said I should go and join man on earth. Ah! Sore losers! I'll miss the view, but I like the freedom much better! There is nothing as great as freedom. Man needs to know that. 

Entry 4: This was not part of the bargain. Everytime we earth dwellers get into our rhythm and decide to do our own thing, God throws a curve ball and messes things up. So what no man on earth knew him, was that good reason to single out Noah the loner and then flood the rest of the earth? And then he singled out Abraham and said he could have any part of the earth he wanted. Its this preferential treatment he's trying to use to discredit us and make his own followers seem to be special. And man will be gullible enough to fall for that trick and abandon his freedom. Well, all I got to offer to mankind is freedom, liberty and the ability to be your own man and do your thing. Let those that desire a life of servitude join the Abrahamic camp anyway. Its their mess, not mine. 

Entry 5: Wow, theres no length He won't go to make me look bad. Sending Jesus?? Wow. Well, I offered Jesus the simple choice: liberty, adulation and glory or serving God. Even being who he is, I could see he was tempted. But ultimately, he was too scared to break free. I guess now, with the power he has, men will fall for it and decide that servitude is what they want if miracles come with it. They just don't understand the whole story. I can't make them either, cos I really don't care at the end of the day. There will always be men who understand that the best justification for existence is the freedom to do whatever you want with it, within reason. Even as we speak, some men like that are abandoning the Old world with its religious clusterfuck to make a new country, called the New World, for men who love liberty. Its only a matter of time before the God-servers will overrun it and bring it down, but for the length of time they let liberty rule them, they will know greatness. After that, I really don't care. Am already a free soul. Maybe the only one.

Well, thats the end of it. Thats me reimagining the world and the Bible as we have known it. Its ludicrous, but its almost as plausible as what we Christians believe anyway. And its my thoughts, I'll be damned if I'm not free to think it.



Myne Whitman said...

Good entertainment, almost too short I say. :)

Azazel said...

LOL loved this bro, made hella sense to

El-Divine said...

Lol @myne I was kinda skipping around, maybe I'll make it periodic thing.
@azazel, Ikr and it's a real plausible alternative.

Realist said...

YOU ARE GOING to HELL!!! How dare you BLASPHEME against out Creator!!! YOU ARE CUT OFF! YOU ARE FREE TO GO TO HELL!!! There you can have your free will with the devil...

*Miss the old days when a random would come and post something like this lol*

Aaron ee said...

Jesus is love,period.

Chocolate Diva said...

hey,just nominated you for versatile blogger award. check for more info

Anonymous said...

So where is that devil living now - in the ocean or where?

Anonymous said...

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