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Friday, July 16, 2010

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

People always say I love someone so much that I can die for them. Ummm No. Personally i no fit do am. Can not happen. To lay down your life for another, your life must be majorly sucking at that moment. What kind of self esteem problem is that? Your life is not what living, but some other individual's life is more important? Just tell the truth, you have been looking for a way to die, and you chose the "honorable" way. Why should I push someone out of the way of a car, and I stand there like a mugu as the car hits me? If I cant save you and save myself, then I will be alongside Azazel eating rice at your funeral, screaming "why God, why, why him/her?"

Life should be cherished, loved, not thrown away like a used rag. So if God has deemed that it is your time to go, who am I to fight his divine will? I am nothing but a mere mortal. Death is coming for someone and I then open my big mouth to say "not him/her", "pick me", because my existence as it is now is not worth anything, If you dont take me now, na suicide go happen. Love each other as you love yourself, If i dont love myself enough to not throw it away, Imaging what i can do with my neighbor's life. Suicide is suicide, lets call it what it is, it is not love it is suicide.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. More like "Lower self esteem hath no man than this, that a man throw his life away for his friend".

Wetin una think?


Azazel said...

Ok this is a very solid solid solid post...
I was going to come in saying that I have a friend who I would die for without thinking twice but u stopped me cold with this comment
@ Just tell the truth, you have been looking for a way to die, and you chose the "honorable" way.

Not only did u hit the nail on the head, the hammer self entered the head to.
I believe that ur comment was profound because it actually got me thinking, to be honest a lot of people do things everyday that they know might kill them eventually if they continue to do it. But instead of them to kukuma commit suicide and let it be the end of the matter, they prefer to stretch out their dying period..

This goes back to your point that most ppl are cowards when it comes to taking their own lives, and anybody given the chance to take their life honorably will jump at it..
This was a good post Realist, very solid bro.

Afrikim said...

fuckin nice....i fuxx wit the funeral rice...something about pepper fried wit alot of

Nutty J. said...

Okay i cant help laughing at this one....

Nice post

Anonymous said...

wicked pikin!

but seriously sha, apart from my baby (he needs a chance in life na), i doubt i fit die 4 anyone o - even MM. i mean, hmmm. like Jay-Z said 'she'd do anything necessary 4 me, & i'll do anything necessary for her, just don't let the necessary occur!'

Myne Whitman said...

You made some serious points sha but love is not logical you know?

Azazel said...

Lol @ don't just let the necessary occur, I like that.
Myne what makes u say that love is not logical??

El-Divine said...

man, i tried to imagine it: me choosing to die, so my friends can, even my imagination is screaming "error!"
but maybe if i knew that after doing it i will rise again with a more glorious body, omo see incentive. at that time, its no longer just a sacrifice, its just business.

Realist said...

@ El-divine. God blessed me and did not make a muslim. Cause if one of those imams come to me and tell me that there are 72 women waiting for me, i would blow up myself right on the spot for

@Afrikim... lol sad to say i have yet to taste funeral rice, top of my bucket list.

@Azazel @"they prefer to stretch out their dying period.." it is because a 100% healthy and safe life = a 100% boring one.

@Myne Whitman. Yea love is not logical because humans are not logical

@everyone else... thanks for the compliments

2cute4u said...

For the first time, this is one post I found interesting not written by Azazel..
Nice one Realist!
I had fun reading..

Realist said...

wow... i feel truly honored

Anonymous said...

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