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Thursday, September 5, 2013


You know how they always say every good song has a story, well I don’t just love or get emotional for Demarco’s. 'I love my life'', it was the song the DJ kept playing at the club, the night it all began...
My friends and I were getting ready to go to the library, exams were drawing near and I had not been the most serious student during the semester. Getting downstairs, I met my sister’s friends who convinced me to go up and change for “Boxers and Bikinis” pool party. At this time my friend’s had left me, even though I didn’t want to go, I thought about walking down to the library on my own, so I decided otherwise. I can’t remember the particular date but it was in the month of march, year 2010, the same day that was rumored to be the end of the world. City of David’s youth church, joshuaville was holding a night vigil, half of the school was going to church to spend their last night and the other half… oh well, we chose to party till our last breath *Giggles*
I went up to change, getting downstairs a limousine was waiting to pick me up, I guess other girls were supposed to join me but plans failed, I was then moved to a jeep which had girls wearing too much make up, trying too hard and faking accents, they tried to flow with me but I was too irritated. Getting to school gate, the driver couldn’t find his pass and was delayed, then my sister’s friend came and asked me to ride with them in a car, he introduced me to the guys in the car, I was familiar with one, Nicholas, I think that was his name, the one driving was Kiki, can’t remember the last dude’s name. Tony told me he felt the pool party was gonna flop, so he suggested we going to the club instead. I had never been to a club, so I agreed. We went to Rehab, stayed in the VIP lounge, they ordered fruit juice for me because Tony said my sister will kill him if anything went wrong.
The boys wanted to smoke but Kiki didn’t encourage it, he then agreed for them to take one stick each. There was this way he talked to them, he felt responsible for them and I knew at that moment he was protective over people he cared for. Some guy tried to dance with me, he was drunk and rough, I didn’t like it and he 'Kiki'  intervened. Kiki and I went to the pool side and talked about so many things, in just one night I felt like I knew him already. I was so shy because we were in public and I felt everyone was watching, he tried to convince me otherwise and we kissed. He told me he was 27 and I was just 16, he was shocked because I didn't look my age but then we joked about it with him calling me “smallie”. I called him “Uncle Kiki”. We laughed. I knew I should stop it but my heart didn’t want to,  I slept all through the journey back to school. When we got to school, he walked me to my hostel and kissed me again, it felt so natural, so good, he didn’t care who was looking and I just wanted to be his...
I slept till around 12:00noon when a call woke me up, it was Kiki, we never exchanged numbers so I guessed he got it from Tony, then we exchanged pins.
And that was the beginning of our relationship. He wasn’t just a dude that wanted to date me, he was someone I looked up to for advice, who scolded me when needed and never stopped reminding me I was beautiful.
One rainy night he came to drop his cousin’s friend, Nicholas in school and stopped to see me. We let the chairs down in the car and talked and kissed, I was falling for him but I was too naïve, scared and proud to tell him. No matter how many times he brought up the issue of we becoming official, I always waved it down, joking with the fact that he could be my uncle and it was child abuse.
It was few days to my birthday and I had not heard from Kiki, his BBM DP and PM was same so I figured his BIS was off. He didn’t call me on my birthday so I assumed he forgot, so didn’t bother calling. I didn’t hear from him after my birthday and I told myself I asked for it, getting attached to an older boy.
School closed and we all went home. During the holiday I came to school because I was trying to change my department, I met Tony in school and we hung out. While conversing, he asked me if I remembered his cousin Kiki, I told him as much as I wouldn’t want to I did. He told me Kiki died in a car crash 2 days to my birthday… I could not breathe. I almost passed out. I was hot and cold at the same time. I was disoriented. All I could think of was how I was angry with him while he was struggling with his life, how if I had put my pride down and made that call, I could have seen him before he died and maybe if I had gone to the hospital he would have fought a little harder and will still be here today. Kiki died not knowing how I felt, I never for once told him how he made me happy and how much in love I was with him.
Tony apologized saying that he knew about our relationship and really didn’t know how to break the news. They were 5 in the car, only KIKI died. Tony said he thinks he died because he didn’t have his belt on. I read the news on Linda’s blog and saw people’s comments on youth’s driving drunk. Kiki wasn’t even the one driving and I know he would never drive drunk. Till he died I didn’t know his name was Okikiola, which tells how short lived our relationship was but had the longest effect on me. Till today I haven’t felt what I felt for him with any other guy. 
July made it 2 years since he died. I’m 19 now and kiki would have been 29…. RIP KIKI, you will always be loved and remembered.

Story by @miss_sheyun
Edited by @Superkunle


Martha Rrazi said...

That feeling, the maybes, I know all well.
Nice piece.

Amal Vasi said...

wow.. i almost cried