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Sunday, November 3, 2013


The strong do what they can the weak endure what they must.. No such thing as justice when you are powerless. Don't ever expect the person who holds the power to play fair when it would be to their disadvantage.

Niggaz ain't about fighting they ain't got the stomach for it. - Quote From The Movie.

When you see the injustice of another or others and keep silent. Be careful it might come back to bite u and there will be nobody around to speak up for u. 
Expecting humanity and kindness or sympathy from people who benefit from your own exploitation is futile. Right now most of us benefit from the exploitation of child labor in Congo where the children mine for coltan which is used in the production of chips. Chips which are used in electronic devices such as phones, laptops etc. 

In the movie, it was important to note how the white slave masters never seemed to be against the slaves worshipping and adhering to the christian religion. They didn’t try to stop the slaves from practicing the christian religion, because they knew it wouldn’t save us. After all, it was the very same bible they used to justify their authority over the slaves. 

Learn to recognize when others of different races or different tribes or circumstances are exploited or slaves just like yourself. Don't fall for the divide and conquer tactics that those in power will use. They will try and  make you see enemies where you should be seeing friends and see friends where you should be seeing enemies. 

Don't fall for the Palliatives that they will use to placate you. They will feed u with crumbs and convince u that this is progress.  

Life is not a court of law, there is no due process. Your innocence or presumed innocence does nothing for you when you are powerless. 

Always keep in mind, the strong (Massah) do what they can and the weak endure what they must (Slave). It is indeed possible for that dynamic to be changed but in the mean time endure what you must.